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Timbergirl Simple Acacia Wood Dining Chair Review

by December 6, 2014
Build Quality

The build quality is absolutely top notch. We tested the chairs with over 400 pounds on them and they didn't wiggle, wobble, creak, or move like they were under strain.

Price Point

The price point is excellent. For well under $300 you can get 2 chairs.

AwardsEditor's Pick

Sturdy chair, no creaks or movement at all. (Tested at 410 pounds)
Nice looking simple design
Great Craftsmanship
The type of wood "Acacia" makes for an interesting topic of conversation



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Price Point
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Resale Value
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Bottom Line

This is an excellent, handsome, rugged chair that looks simple and elegant. It will last a lifetime.

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Timbergirl Simple Acacia Wood Dining Chair Review


We were really impressed with the Timbergirl Simple Acacia Wood Dining Chair.  It is a very handsome chair made out of Acacia wood.  We loaded it up with over 400 pounds and the Timbergirl Acacia Wood chairs wouldn’t even budge.  No wiggle, no wobble, and no creaking.  It might as well have been 20 pounds.

What is very nice about the Timbergirl Simple Acacia Wood Dining Chair is it will take abuse, and punishment while still maintaining a great look.  This is the type of chair that will last a lifetime and you will likely be passing it down to your kids or grand kids when you pass on.  They aren’t made out of particle board, or veneers, so you can refinish them in 10 years and have brand new chairs again.

The Acacia wood is also an interesting topic of conversation.  While you sit around your kitchen table you can talk about how this thorny bush has been used for thousands of years by people.  For instance, Acacia was used for medicine (an ingredient for a folk cure for rabies), Gum arabic, food (people eat the seeds and shoots for things like soups, curries, omelettes, and stir-fries.

In addition the Acacia tree was a pretty big part of the Christian bible, it was involved in the building of the Ark of the Covenant and supposedly it was the acacia thorns used to the crown of thorns.

The Timbergirl Simple Acacia Wood Dining Chair is an outstanding product at a great price point.  I can’t say enough about it. You can pick them up over at the Timbergirl website here.



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