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Escort Passport MAX2 Radar Detector Review

by May 31, 2015
Build Quality

I really like the build quality of the Escort Passport MAX2 with Bluetooth. It has a quality heft to it, the suction cup mount is really superior and keeps the detector on the windshield even when going over unpaved ground and large bumps in my pickup truck. (Errr... not that I was expecting a state trooper to be sitting in the woods on an unpaved road or anything... but you never know!)

Price Point

MSRP is $600 and like anything else with time they will go down in price. Given the feature set and ease of use I think the price point is dead on.


Deadpan simple to use. Has an automatic function that does all the heavy lifting if you aren't a radar nerd and that is very important for protecting your skin most of the time.


Better than the Escort Passport MAX because bluetooth is built in and this doesn't require the $99 cable
Has a multiple language feature which allows you to switch between English and Spanish
Is an outstanding Radar Detector, has a great Digital Signal Processor that lets it scan most of the frequencies at the same time without sacrificing much range. Most detectors can't do this. (Think Swiss Army Knife)
Will detect multiple frequencies at the same time - something other detectors I have played with can't do (read the review part to see why this is important)


Doesn't have Stealth Mode
Weak Laser Detection (Which is really not a big deal because Laser is instant so outside of jamming you are toast)
Firmware Upgrading is kludgy because registering on the website seems to be intermittent so downloading the firmware without jumping through hoops is cumbersome.

Price Point
Price Point
Quality of Build
Feature Set
Resale Value
Design / Look
Existing Consumer Opinion
Functions as Advertised
Bottom Line

I really think the Escort Passport MAX2 is an excellent all around Radar Detector. The price point is reasonable for the feature set and it is dead pan simple to setup and use even if you don't know anything about Radar Detectors.

Price Point
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