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Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT Review

Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT Review

The Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT is the newest installment in the venerable line of luxury Super Automatic One Touch Espresso Machines by Jura.  We have reviewed just about every single machine in their line over the last 10 years and I can tell with experience that Jura makes one of the best machines on the planet.

Equally as important Jura’s support team is outstanding, during the warranty period and afterward.  Everyone always wants to know about the warranty period because the machines are not cheap.  They shouldn’t be.  There is a lot that goes into them and they make terrific products.  The warranty is for 2 years or 6,000 cups whichever comes first.  Jura goes the extra miles and provides free ground shipping to and from their factory so you literally just call them up, give them the serial number and they take care of business.  If they can’t repair your machine they will give you another machine with the same or less usage on it (a refurbished model with a new warranty).

Now about the machine… The new Aroma+ grinder is now twice as fast as it was before.  It has a rotary switch and a tft color display that shows you the specialty drinks it can make allowing you to select what you want with the push of a button.  The Jura Impressa Z9 one Touch TFT makes things so simple you don’t really have to read the manual to make a cup of coffee.  You literally just turn the knob select of the product image of the beverage you are looking for and push it in.  Using the Jura Impressa Z9 couldn’t be simpler.

The Jura Impressa Z9 has a fine foam technology that gives you an ultra-modern frother capable of preparing milk foam of unprecedented quality.  The foam is fine, dense and creamy making it top the quality you would find at your local coffee house.

Our experience with Jura machines has been that they last in excess of 10 years with proper care and maintenance. You can count on the Swiss made Jura to really stand up to your daily household use.

The Jura Impressa Z9 is also very quiet.  More so in fact than the previous Z series line.  It has a tightly insulated metal disc grinder that really hushes the process.  In fact it is likely that the Jura Impressa Z9 has the lowest noise output of any coffee center we’ve tested to date.

The Jura Impressa Z9 houses two powerful burr grinders, two pumps and two heating systems in a very compact space.  Heat is ported out of side adjustable Venti Ports which are also used to supply it with fresh air.  The Jura Impressa Z9 has a fully illuminated brewing area.  When you push a button a couple of LED lights come on and light up your coffee.  There are lights in the cappuccino and bean hopper areas as well.

Packed full of new technology the Jura Impressa Z9 does what its name suggests… IMPRESSES.  We give the Jura Impressa Z9 Coffee Center a full 5 out of 5 stars and have nominated it for the 2015 Best in Class Award.


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