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Klipsch Reference On Ear Headphones Review

Klipsch Reference On Ear Headphones Review

Klipsch Reference On Ear Headphones Review – Preamble

Klipsch is probably the best kept secret brand in America as far as the general public is concerned.  Most people that are into good sound know the brand and respect it.  That said there are a ton of people out there that think Bose is the end all beat all.  Don’t worry I’m not trying to compare the two.  You can’t.  The technology approach is completely different.  Klipsch respects sound purity and makes a product that consistently demonstrates that commitment.  Bose on the other hand comes from a different school of thought where it is ok to bend and warp sound to create atmosphere.  Think of it like 2D television vs. 3D television.  3D runs through stereoscopic technology.  It tricks your eyes into seeing depth that isn’t there. Bose does the same thing to sound.  That’s fine if you are into that kind of thing.  I have a brother-in-law that is an engineer at Bose and I hope they continue to do very well.

BUT… I’m into sound purity.  You can’t ever recreate a live performance and feel like someone is actually in the room singing or playing if you screw with the sound.  Paul Klipsch knew this back in 1946 when he developed the Klipschorn speaker.  He actually invented a speaker type that is so effective at recreating a sound experience they put him in the engineerKlipsch Reference On Ear Headphones Reviewing and science hall of fame.  The Klipschorn that I’m talking about you have very likely heard in movie theaters all over the country and they are still a BFD (Big Freaking Deal).

Besides I like a company that has a tagline “BIG SOUND. NO BULLSHIT.”

Klipsch Reference On Ear Headphones Review – Pricing and Features

The Klipsch Reference On Ear Headphones are between $150-200 depending on where you get them.  I suggest spending a little more and getting them from Klipsch because they have a 30-day money back return, offer free shipping and I think they will take care of you should you have a problem down the road.

Klipsch Reference On Ear Headphones Review – What they sound like

The first thing I noticed when I put the Klipsch Reference On Ear Headphones on is the level of passive noise reduction.  It’s incredible.  This is also the first thing you should look for in a good set of headphones.  If your sound is competing with other sounds in your area you are never going to get a great experience. Ever.

The nKlipsch Reference On Ear Headphones Reviewext thing I realized was that they were comfortable.  I have a big head. Literally and figuratively (or at least I’m told).  Most headphones feel like a vice after 30 minutes.  I have literally used these Klispch Reference On Ear Headphones for 5 to 6 hours at a time.  I have never been able to do that with any other set of headphones.

There was also an added benefit to the design of the Klipsch Reference On Ear Headphones and that is it allows them to push the driver output right to your eardrum.  It is incredibly efficient considering what they are working with.

They sound great – In fact they sounded so good I wanted to test their claims so I broke out my Bruel & Kjaer ear simulator (yes I’m a nerd, and I know it. Look I’m clapping my hands) to test the frequency response. The Klipsch Reference On Ear Headphones performed slightly better than the listed specification. I did not expect that.  The low end ranged at 19.4 Hz. The bass doesn’t really get going until 27.4 Hz but then it kicks in cleanly. The highs were solid and performed very well to about 19.6 kHz. However they went to 20.4 kHz  This is extraordinary for a $200 set of headphones.

I’m not going to bore you with what I listened to and drivel on about how impressed I was.  It’s a waste of your time because you should (if you are in the market for a good pair of headphones) go grab the Klipsch Reference On Ear Headphones.  You will not regret it.  They sound better than headphones that I have that cost $800.  This is consistent with the Klipsch brand in general.  It has been my experience (each time) that they out perform competitors that are 2 – 3 times more money.

You can always go with a set of Beats Headphones if you want to spend a lot more and get less performance though…

I give them 5 out of 5 stars.






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