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Foodsaver Gamesaver Titanium G800 Vacuum Sealer Review

Foodsaver Gamesaver Titanium G800 Vacuum Sealer Review

The FoodSaver GameSaver Titanium G800 is a pretty impressive vacuum sealer. All it does take up a lot of counter real estate, its massive size allows you to do some very serious vacuum packing and sealing.

The first impression you get when you open the package and put the FoodSaver GameSaver Titanium on the table is one of awe. This vacuum sealer reminds me of several professional vacuum sealers I’ve seen in butcher shops.

What’s really nice about it is that it is large enough to pack up big roasts, but can also handle the small packages, like single steaks and lunch meat. In the past I have had several iterations of the FoodSaver vacuum sealers. I can say that the FoodSaver GameSaver Titanium G800 is by far the easiest machine as far as making bags go.

This vacuum sealer makes bags so easily and will double seal them or single seal them with the click of a button. It also has a pretty cool looking hose attachment that plugs in to the fun of the unit and allows you to vacuum seal Mason jars with an optional lead sealer.  They even have a marinating container that is also optional that lets you put on the inside of it, you then use the vacuum hose to remove all the air from the container. This makes the marinating process go from several hours two 15 minutes. So it should really be called the FoodSaver GameSaver TimeSaver G800.

This review is quickly sounding like commercial, but it isn’t.  The vacuum sealer has just made me a big fan and there is nothing I can do about it!

There is literally three buttons so operation of the vacuum ceiling is not complicated.  The top button (Seal Select Button) toggles the Single Seal or Dual Seal options.  The next button down (the middle button) is the Vacuum/Seal Button.  You hit that if you want to suck the air out of the package and seal it.  The bottom button is the seal button.  You use it to seal the end of the bags when you make them.  You can also use it to stop the vacuum process instantly and seal the bag. You would do that if you have cookies, pastries and other delicate foods that you don’t want to crush.

The FoodSaver GameSaver G800 Vacuum Sealer is absolutely the best FoodSaver I’ve used.  It isn’t cheap, but the value to dollar ratio is definitely there.  If you are serious about storing your food properly, buying in bulk, and packaging up various bounty from hunting season then you definitely want to pick one up.

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