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Call of Duty – Black Ops 3 for XBOX ONE – Review

Call of Duty – Black Ops 3 for XBOX ONE – Review

[sociallocker]Call of Duty: Black OPS 3 for XBOX ONE Review

We received Black Ops 3 about a week before Thanksgiving of 2015.  I got together with my son Rory Ferreira and my son-in-law Jose Diaz to pwn some noobs and right the wrongs of the world during Thanksgiving.

I achieved the rank of Prestige Master in Black Ops 2 so the first thing I set out to do is max out and gold out my sub-machine guns.  Not only does ranking up your weapons have a profound effect on your KDR and Score per minute but it gives you extra experience points for the achievements which helps rank your levels up faster.

There is another nice benefit from doing it as well.  Activision added a blackmarket to Call of Duty Black Ops 3. The blackmarket lets you take crypto points that you earn playing and spend them to get weapon came, mods for weapon attachments, and special armor sets.  The armor doesn’t give you bonus attributes it just lets you stand out and be different. Each item you earn has 4 levels: common, rare, legendary and epic. Obviously the best ones to get are the epic class as you won’t be seeing them on every other player.

The best part of the blackmarket is taunts and gestures. They also have the class levels of common, rare, legendary and epic.  If you get lucky you will get some good epic versions for the character you play. (Yes unfortunately for all blackmarket items they are weapon/character specific so you have to be using the weapon or character specified to have access to it).

The maps are a lot of fun. I bought the season pass but haven’t seen any new maps for the non-zombie game play yet. I have to admit I really don’t like zombies, never have so I can’t speak to the action or game play of it. My daughter Melanie loves to play Zombies and reports that it is the best version ever.  For the record all of my kids are in their 20s so keep that in mind when you are assessing age appropriate worth.

I would not suggest this game to anyone with kids under 14.  There is a lot of violence, killing, etc… but more importantly there is a lot of multiplayer chat with full grown adults being the majority not the minority. I think 14 is a good age to consider.

Game play is extraordinary, the boosts you get from your bionic enhancements gives game play a whole new shine and I have already seen some amazing combo moves using the boost, which can be particularly dramatic as a death cam kill.

In Black Ops 2 the favorite move used to be to go prone while shooting to avoid getting killed.  Now the favorite move is to jump high in the air using your boost.  Either way you go both strategies will help your KDR considerably.

There are plenty of games and wait times for a full player lounge have reduced drastically (at least during this first quarter of game play).  That said, they are still having trouble with some lag issues.  Every once in awhile I will get into a match and my lag will go from 15ms to 400ms (switching 15, 50, 400, 15, 50, 400).  When that happens the game is almost unplayable.  Fortunately it doesn’t happen incredibly often and backing out of the game and getting into a new one is generally a working solution.

I don’t use it, but I did run it through to make sure it works.. a nice thing about XBOX ONE is there is a twitch app so you can install that and broadcast your game real time if you are a twitcher.  I don’t twitch, but I know a lot of people do. It added a considerable amount of lag to my play and a guy I know that does twitch said you really need to use a dedicated computer to broadcast your XBOX ONE play.  That makes sense as it is encoding video real time and rendering graphics at the same time which can burden any system.  Breaking it up is pretty reasonable.

All in all Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is a 4 out of 5 star game. It is clearly no secret I’m a big fan, and while the game is more of the same (with Black Ops 2) there is a goodly amount of content and added features to warrant buying the new version.[/sociallocker]

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