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D-Link 180 Degree Wifi Camera Review DCS-2630L

D-Link 180 Degree Wifi Camera Review DCS-2630L

The D-LINK DCS-2630L 180 Degree HD Wi-Fi Review

I’ve been using the D-LINK DCS-2630L security camera now for about 4 or 5 months.  I like it quite a lot.  It’s a pretty large camera compared to some of D-LINK’s other camera line, and it is significantly heavier too.  In fact, the first thing you think of when you pull it out of the box is “Wow this thing has some heft to it…” which immediately brings on the notion that you are getting more for your money.

The first thing I noticed was a lack of a wired Ethernet port.  I’m all for wireless but this is a drawback for me because I don’t like to utilize my precious wifi bandwidth on a constant video signal.  If you are a gamer you can understand that you will be competing for bandwidth (and more importantly increasing network latency) when you do this.

Setup was a little different and a bit cumbersome.  The only phone app that recognizes this camera (and it is still true as of the date of this article) is the mydlink lite phone app.  If you are running the PAID for mydlink app it will not. (Seriously? That’s a big knock in the ass for people that paid for the app)

dcs-2630l-4It gets better though… on top of that once you get it installed and add it to the mydlink cloud then the PAID for version does work. In fact it is the only way you can change the settings unless you want to go into the browser. It is also the only way you can view multiple cameras at the same time without a 3rd party app.  I don’t like that part at all. I don’t mind paying for the PAID for version of mydlink, I just want to use the one app not have to install the lite version to do the initial camera setup (or the re-setup if you should have to factory reset the camera, which I have had to do once already).

Once you have the mydlink lite app installed setup is a pretty easy affair.  You simply run the app, select add device, it will ask you to scan the QR code on the bottom of the camera.  Once you scan it, it asks you if your wifi router has a WPS setting (don’t bother if your router is far off just say no). It will then ask you to plug it in, hit next, then wait for the blinking orange light and hit next.  It will connect to the cameras built in wifi network, and then ask you for your wifi credentials. Enter them and a few next clicks later you will be done.

Aside from those issues the camera is a hot little gadget. It works very well, the image quality is crispy and very clear. It works well at night time, and the wide 180 degree angle is really a great feature.

So is it worth it?  I can say yes. I would in-fact purchase the D-LINK DCS-2630L 180 Degree Camera in a heartbeat. I did decide to run it on a separate WiFi router so I didn’t have to share it with my XBOX ONE.  Most people would find that unnecessary but my XBOX is in a room I can’t run a wire to as it would be too labor intensive/costly to really justify it.

All in all I have to say the camera is a really great unit and I give it a solid 3 out of 5 star ranking.


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