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Varidesk Pro 54 inch desk review

Varidesk Pro 54 inch desk review

The Varidesk pro 54 inch desk review

I have to say I was on the fence about these standing desks and the fad they represent.  It was a little artsy a little fartsy you know…  Of course the other part of me that loves that whole vibe was screaming OOOH NEAT I WANT ONE.  The basic idea behind the whole standing desk thing is nothing new.  It’s really unhealthy to sit at a desk for hours and hours every day.  Sure you get up and go to the coffee/water cooler and maybe go to a meeting or two, but there are times during the day where you could be sitting for between 2 and 5 hours straight.

I get it. You have to get work done. It’s not going to do itself.  You can’t go running around every hour like the health forum community says you should. So what do you do?   Some bright person somewhere a long long time ago invented a standing desk.  When I say a long time ago I mean Benjamin Franklin used one. So did Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., Winston Churchill and many more.

That said there is a big debate over the health part of it.  The fact is most things done in moderation are good for you.  So sitting too long = bad, standing too long = bad.  Walking is most always good.  Someone should invent a treadmill desk.  Standing for long periods of times causes a lot of issues.  For instance those who stand for long periods of time are 163% more likely to get treated at the hospital for varicose veins.  Compared to just 43% of the sitters.  Of course sitting makes you much more likely to have a heart attack, so veins are definitely better than that!

I went into this thinking it was a gimmick.  I’d try it out, either like it or hate it, and once the novelty wears off I’d put the desk in the attic.  Well I’ve been using the Varidesk Pro 54 for about a year and I have to say it’s pretty nice.  What I do is take turns, an hour sitting, an hour standing and so on.  I find I have more energy during the day, it makes me feel great and I get more done.  Don’t get me wrong at first it was damn distracting.  I found it hard to get anything done at all.  It was awkward just standing there trying to get things done.  I think if I sat a cubicle all day I might have been a little self-conscious about the whole thing too.  I’m lucky enough to have a nice big Harvey Specter corner window office so I don’t give a rat’s ass about what people think.  If it makes you feel better than you shouldn’t either.

Desks are a pricey affair.  If you get them used they can be cheap but generally they are junk unless you are buying from a place that liquidates corporate inventory and those places are pretty well picked over by the time you would get there.  If you buy them online it is the shipping that kills you.  You can find them for between 200-20k and then another pound of flesh for shipping. Varidesk is selling them on their site and amazon for $595 with free shipping.  It’s a good solid desk. You can’t really lean on it when you are standing (50 pound weight limit I believe) and it will creak a little if you try, but it is a good solid desk that will hold up for a long time.  Mine still looks new and I beat stuff up for a living and just as a natural cause of being me.

I gladly give the Varidesk Pro 54 four out of 5 stars.  It’s a good solid desk, the price is fair and it holds up to abuse.


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