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2016 Anonabox Pro Review

2016 Anonabox Pro Review

Anonabox Pro Review

You may have heard about a small little kickstarter campaign that promised a secure internet experience by selling you box that you simply plug into your cable modem and then into your router/firewall/AP/etc…  They had some glitches, some issues (mostly with verbiage and wording, it is something that happens to start ups that don’t have a PR person to go over every single piece of ad copy.)

Well the Anonabox project is finished, and matured and in a completely new generation of technology and development (called the pro). I have to say I’m pretty impressed by the Anonabox Pro.  The first thing you note when you are opening the small box to get to the Anonabox is the size.  It is tiny.  I have plugs that are larger than the Anonabox Pro!

The Anonabox Pro brings Tor and VPN together in a small easy to use package.  Do you have to know what any of this means to use it? No. The setup procedure is really very simple.  You plug it in, you wait for a minute or so, login to the IP address they give in the manual and set your password up.  Then you go to the Tor section and tell it to restart the Tor service.  That’s it.  You are done.

If you want to setup VPN it’s pretty easy too.  You can use their Hide My Ass VPN, or you can turn on SSH, use the openVPN setup and configure a VPN service that doesn’t keep logs like Private Internet Access.  Either one is completely sufficient for staying anonymous on the net, but if you are downloading music or something you probably want to go with something like Private Internet Access to be completely anonymous as some of those RIAA lawyer groups like to send out thousands of subpoenas at a time and a VPN that logs can identify you and what you are doing under that scenario.  To be clear, we do not condone any illegal activity, we are only seeking to set privacy expectations for those of you who are looking into this.

Somethings to note when using Anonabox.  The first thing you will notice right off the bat is some stuff will stop working.  By that I mean there are companies like Netflix, Hulu, and some social networks that won’t let you use their service “to protect you”.  This is crap.  The only way to get around this is to turn your Tor and VPN off while you are doing those activities.  Which can make it a bit of a pain in the ass.  This certainly isn’t the Anonabox’s fault, but rather the vendors that you do business with.  Write them an email and tell them you wish to secure your network and use the Anonabox, and that they should allow you to.  Perhaps if enough of us do this they will bend. I don’t recommend using any VPN or Tor session to transact banking or financial related stuff.

I really like the Anonabox Pro.  It’s a nifty device, and it works well.  It does what it says it will.  The interface isn’t laggy or annoying to use which is huge.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars.  It’s a solid machine and I recommend it.


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