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GM is definitely taking Autonomous Cars seriously

GM is definitely taking Autonomous Cars seriously

Today General Motors is taking a significant step toward autonomous vehicles by announcing that it is acquiring Cruise Automation, a San Francisco startup specializing in the development of driverless cars. It is a clear sign to anyone interested that General Motors is plans on being a big part of this vehicle revolution.

GM invested 500 million in January with Lyft.  The idea here is to put a fully driverless on-demand network together.  (Think Taxi Cab, Limo and Ride Shares all driving by themselves).

Next year they plan to offer Super Cruise which will allow some Cadillac models handle highway driving. Under the deal Cruise Automation will stay its own entity and remain in San Francisco.  Cruise has been making some pretty impressive strives in solving some of the most challenging technical issues involving autonomous vehicle tech.


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