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2016 IQAir New Edition GC Multigas Review

2016 IQAir New Edition GC Multigas Review

IQAir has been making the best Air Purification systems in the world for decades.  Back in the 2000s when Ozone purification was all the rage, and Consumer Reports was saying “Ozone” was the end all beat all, IQAir was telling people that it was dangerous and their machines where better.

In fact, Consumer Reports had a pretty famous glass tank that they would fill with smoke and time how long the tank cleared.  This test bed seemed pretty cool and definitely had a dramatic effect.

Unfortunately, Ozone was proven to be very harmful to humans. In addition, these Ozone based air purification systems were terrible in the long run.  The blades had to be cleaned well, and they lost efficiency quickly down to well below half of their starting efficiency in just a few months.

Reviewboard was one of the first companies to take IQAir’s claims seriously.  We looked at the tests that Consumer Reports did and thought it was pretty neat.  Our experts wondered how the Ozone machines cleaned the air you couldn’t see… you know.. particulates get pretty small… A fan can blow smoke out of the way, but the particulates in the air… they are most likely still there…

There is only one way to find out for certain… that’s to count the particulates.  In order to do this we needed a very special machine called a Laser Particle Scanner.  One that was sensitive enough to count particulates that were incredibly small, even .05 microns.  We started this with the idea that we would do field tests for a period of 1 year.  We did side by side comparatives between the Ozone and the IQAir machines and our findings were stunning.  The Ozone machines did pretty well they cleaned the air in rooms that had 1.5 million particulates .05 or better per cubic foot.  They brought that count to about 200,000 and kept it there.

The IQAir machines took rooms that had 1.5 million particulates .05 or better per cubit foot and brought them down to 20,000 and kept it there.  That’s 10x better than the Ozone machines right off the starting line.

After 3 months the particulate count in the Ozone rooms was back up to 500,000 and steady.  After 6 months 750,000 and after a year they were back to 1.5 million.  They lost efficiency. The blades were not cleaned, the machines were not serviced, they were kept running at maximum power for the entire duration.

The IQAir machines were also not cleaned, filters were not replaced, and they were kept going on level 6 the fastest setting for the entire 1 year duration.

At the end of the 1 year period the IQAir machines change pre-filter lights were blinking.  The Laser Particle Scanner was giving us a reading of 22,000.  After 18 months both Ozone Air Purification systems were offline. They quit functioning completely. The IQAir machines were still going on level 6 strong.  The reading from the Laser Particle Scanner was 23,000.  After 5 years, the IQAir machine was still going on level 6.  The Laser Particle Scanner was reading 30,000 (again we hadn’t changed filters or performed maintenance on the IQAir machines since the day we plugged them in).  At this point it really didn’t matter what the Ozone machines were doing because it was proven that Ozone was extremely unhealthy for your lungs and those companies ended up shuttering.

It has been 12 years and we still have those GC Multigas and Health Pro Machines.  They are still functioning very well and we have changed the filters once during that entire period.  ANY OTHER air filtration system would be well below 50% efficacy, if they were still running at all. IQAir knows what they are doing, because our 12 year old machines are running at 95% efficacy, and would probably be running at 99 if we changed the filters as scheduled.  They build a machine that lasts for the long run and delivers on the performance side.

So now that you have some background, you can imagine how excited we were when we had the opportunity to check out the new 2016 New Edition GC MultiGas.

Don’t let the looks fool you, it hasn’t changed at first glance, but you are getting an average of 16% performance increase in clean air per speed level, it is 32% quieter, the filters last 20% more and you get a 10 year warranty.  If you have a smoker in the house the GC MultiGas will take care of business.

Another nice thing about the IQAir GC MultiGas is the fact that unlike some of the other filtration systems on the market, the IQAir versions aren’t made of cheap off-gassing plastics.  In other words… _JUST THE PLASTIC_ in your home can add to your indoor pollution problem.  IQAir’s GC MultiGas is made with a special non-off-gassing ABS plastic. It doesn’t contribute to your problems.

Efficiency is a big deal, especially if you are going to have fans running.  We like to set the IQAir machines on a 12 on 12 off schedule so they run during the day when no one is home and at night you can breathe fresh clean air without a problem. So depending on the setting (speed 1-6) you are only consuming between 27-215 watts.  That is pretty impressive when you think about the fact that it can clean 780 cubic feet per minute.

I know of no other company in the consumer market that is as dedicated to quality control.  Each unit is certified and tested before it ships.  IQAir takes your health seriously, probably more than you do.  It is absolutely crazy how much time they put into making sure their product and reputation are as clean as the air they want you to breathe.

I give the IQAir GC MultiGas 5 out of 5 stars and I’m awarding it with the 2016 Reviewboard Editor’s Choice Award.  An Outstanding job, by an outstanding company.

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