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FREE 1 Year SAMS Club membership for 2016 Sams Club Membership

FREE 1 Year SAMS Club membership for 2016 Sams Club Membership

How to get a FREE 1 Year SAMS Club Membership for the rest of your lifeHow To Get a FREE 1 Year SAMS Club Membership for the rest of your life? (Updated for 2016)

If you are like me you like to save money. Club memberships can get a lot of great deals at especially at places like SAMS Clubs which are available in almost every state.  The problem is you have to pay for the privilege by getting a SAMS Club Membership.  After taking a good hard look at SAMS Cluber and their membership policy regarding I came up with away around it several years ago. It has worked to get me a Free 1 Year SAMS Club Membership ever since. (You can also check out the How to Get a Free Costco Membership article too) I have been using this method to get a Free Sams Club Membership from 2004-2016 (I just renewed June 3rd).  If you think this is something SAMS Club won’t let you do to get a free membership you can feel free to click the play button above this paragraph. What you are hearing is me making a phone call to SAMS Club to inquire about their membership and if I can do this trick.  I ask them right out if they would allow me to do this to get a free sams club membership and they said yes.

So the first thing you do when you go to SAMS Club is head over to the customer service counter to ask for a new membership application.  After all you actually NEED a SAMS Club membership to get into the store.

Steps to take to get the FREE 1 Year SAMS Club Membership for the rest of your Life – Updated for 2016:

They will ask you for your ID and credentials, etc… just select which sams club membership you want, fill out the paperwork and pay for your SAMS Club membership.

Now go about your business and buy what you want for about 50 weeks (almost an entire year) from any of the gazillion SAMS Clubs around the country using your new SAMS Club membership.

The Secret to the FREE 1 Year SAMS Club Membership – Updated for 2016:

Free 1 Year Sams Club Membership 2013

The SAMS Club membership agreement states that you can return your membership card for a full refund at any time for any reason.

Now I know what you are thinking… this is shady.  I disagree.  I even asked the SAMS club customer service representative in the recording above.  You see the one problem that I have with the membership is that I have to pay to spend my money in their SAMS Club store.  With this policy, SAMS Club addresses that issue.  (Method #1)I can return my membership on week 50, get a full refund, and purchase another one.  I’ve done this six times to get a FREE 1 Year SAMS Club Membership.  A manager was called over the second time I did it and I explained that I was very satisfied with the product line, just not with the idea that I had to pay for the right to shop there, and noted that their SAMS Club return policy addressed this issue nicely.  He agreed, gave the cashier the nod, and said good one. I got my Free 1 year Sams Club membership. If this method to get a free SAMS Club membership causes you to feel uncomfortable you can employ method #2. Method #2 is simply to return the membership at the SAMS club you are at for your full refund. Go home, and get your Free 1 year Sams Club membership online, or purchase another SAMS Club membership when you go to SAMS Club on your next visit.

Free 1 Year Sams Club Membership 2013If you doubt my methods for the Free 1 year Sams Club Membership you can see for yourself, read the first paragraph of the SAMS Club policy.

When a company gives a satisfaction guarantee they do it because they want you to be fully satisfied.  If you can become satisfied by utilizing the membership, and the guarantee then they have fulfilled their mission, and so have you.  It is ethical, you are the customer, and the money back guarantee is their offer that you will be satisfied.


2016 FREE 1 Year SAMS Club Membership:

free-sams-club-membershipSo when you notice your SAMS Club membership expire date is approaching, don’t be afraid to go up to the SAMS Club customer service desk and get your refund/renewal. Now take the money you just saved and go get a FREE COSTCO membership the process is a little different and we show you how to get TWO memberships! We talked to SAMS Club PR and they told us the reason they have the return policy wide open is to make sure their customers are satisfied with the SAMS Club membership. They realize there is a certain portion of their membership base that does not like the idea of supporting the club through a paid for membership and this return policy is an effective way to remedy that issue and make those SAMS Club customers happy.

For those of you interested you can click the play button above the title in this article to hear a call I made on June 17th 2015 to ask the SAMS Club customer service people if it was ok to do this.  The SAMS Club customer service associate said it was. I made the recording in response to all the comments below about it being shady, or a scam.  I specifically asked the SAMS Club customer service lady if she felt it was either of those things.  It’s a good listen.

If you like this article please feel free to share it with your friends. By clicking one of the social media buttons below.  If you think this is shady… I bet your friends don’t think it is.  Share it and see.  Either way I encourage an open debate about it here and I answer these comments regularly. (No name calling tho)

  • Anonymous

    I find your idea repulsive. It is exactly why ultimately the masses will pay for your unethical behavior.
    I’m now going to take a shower and rinse my mouth out with mouthwash.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree! This is repulsive. This is exactaly why cheater ruin good things for the rest of us honest people. I can’t believe the nerve of some people… Smh …. They should be ashamed!!!

    • Anonymous

      Your stupid lol – why would they have a return policy if they didn’t want you to do it? It’s people like you that allow corporate america to walk all over us. You are probably a senator (and a Republican)

      • Jed Meyers

        A lot of anonymous opinions around here. I’ll tell you this, I don’t have a problem with this return thing because when I went to the desk to get a membership the sales lady pointed it out to me. They use it as a sales tool. “And hey if you don’t like the membership we will refund you anytime”. If you are going to pitch your membership at me and then talk about your liberal return policy as a value add then it is absolutely ethical for the customer to in fact avail themselves of it. Perhaps some of these people throwing around the “Unethical Term” should go back to ethics class.

        • LOL you rock! I appreciate the defense. The fact is this is the kind of thing people either love or hate. I really just ignore the negative comments, they are folks that have been programmed to think that it’s ok to pay a huge corporation money for the priv of shopping. What they aren’t considering is you can go up to the SAMS counter, purchase your membership and before you sign the paperwork look at the clerk and tell them you are only signing this with the intent to return it in 51 weeks and they will tell you that is fine. That is not unethical. It is also quite ethical to skip that part because they offered the return to begin with. Regardless it is silly to call names or feel harshly about it. If SAMS had an issue with it they would change their policy and pro-rate it like other clubs (BJ’s Wholesale Club for instance) does. The fact is they are accommodating people who do not like to pay for a membership. That is OK. It’s OK not to want to pay for a membership, and it is OK for SAMS to accommodate those people in the interest of making more money (which they do).

        • NONYA

          It is a sales tool only for those employees that don’t give a damn and think that us at membership desk will take care of their stupid “sales tool” only so that they can get their numbers…Try it for a year and if you don’t like it just DO NOT RENEW…simple as that…That is why I tell our customers who would like info on how to become a member….and again I only throw in the “satisfaction guarantee refund” when I talk about the PLUS MEMBERSHIP and if I feel a good vibe with the potential member I might even throw in an offer for a free $20 or $25 shopping gift card just for giving the Plus membership a try for at least a year…Heck having a good day how about throwing in a Rotisserie Chicken (members love that)…

      • AngryPatriot5

        You don’t have to shop there or anywhere else; no one forces you to shop at membership clubs. Business and the free enterprise system is what made the US so successful. You’re probably a free-loading, stupid Demonrat. Living off of other people hard earned money that’s stolen from them by the government. Get a job and get a life.

    • RGAX

      Don’t you try to find every tax benefits and loopholes to lower your taxes? Is that unethical?

  • A. Nonymous


  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this, I’ve been struggling to pay a lot of bills especially during this time of the year. This is one less thing I have to worry about now.

  • Anonymous

    This is the best idea I’ve seen in a long time! Gonna go get my refund right now.

    • NONYA

      Not at our store…

      • Reviewboard

        Yes, at your store. If your manager denied them a refund he/she would be fired. This is a corporate policy that is in full effect at all stores. Your manager is required to abide by it and so are you. Just because you work some place doesn’t mean you understand the corporate policies or politics involved. You should seriously stop posting your misinformation it just makes SAMS Club employees look bad.

  • Sasha Mitchell

    Thank you so much! Great idea! I am going to buy you a cup of coffee with your link this is awesome.

  • RGAX

    It just a miniscule bite off the billions of profit Sam’s club & Walmart makes. So don’t fret about it. Its not coming out of your pocket. Those corporate officer’s are not stupid. They figured that only a small number of people will actually avail of the refund benefit otherwise they would already have revised that policy if it harms their profit. I know it because I used to work with corporations and marketing guys always discuss and debate the pros & cons of such policy. They’ll never do it unless they’re profiting from it in the long run. It’s amazing that there are so many stupid consumers as stupid and brainwashed as you are.

  • RGAX

    She’s not satisfied with having to pay memebership for shopping at Sam’s Club. So what’s wrong with that? If you were a sheep, you would probably dutifully offer yourself to the slaughterhouse since that was what you were fed, raised, cared, and paid for.

  • RGAX

    While I don’t agree with customers abusing merchandise return policy to return goods that have been opened, and used. Membership fees are different. One less fee from someone who may not have signed up for memberhsip in the first place won’t make a difference. On the contrary, sales from one additional buyer increases the store’s sales volume, thus it’s profit, and buying power. In the end, Sam’s Club looses nothing, but gained in sales & profit.

    • soccermomx3

      No, you need to take classes in ethics. If you already did, you failed.

      • RGAX

        Ethics is subjective while math is objective and absolute. Evidently your IQ fails you.

        • soccermomx3

          I can’t reason with someone so immature that they resort to name-calling when someone doesn’t agree with them. I hope you don’t reproduce and pass on your lack of morals to innocents.

          • RGAX

            Your IQ is so low you couldn’t even see that you’re doing exactly what you’re accusing others of. Pea brain.

      • Here is my scenario: Everytime I go into SAMS or COSTCO the lines are long, they have 2 lanes open out of 10 or 12 lanes. I’m sitting in line for more time than I was shopping. When I purchased my membership I made sure to tell them that I was concerned about the waste of time in line due to their under-staffing. They told me hey we understand, you know if you are frustrated with the wait times you can certainly get a refund of your membership at any time (for any reason). So because of that conversation I was influenced to purchase the membership. For the majority of the first year I wasted at least 3 – 4 full hours in a line that was completely avoidable had they simply staffed their registers properly. Now, I don’t know about you, but time is money. I make a decent living and those 3-4 hours represent about $1000 to me. So at the end of the membership run I asked for a refund and told them that I was unhappy with their lines and lack of register staff. They promptly refunded my money and I got a new membership. They had no issue.

        This is not dishonest. More over, it encourages them to staff their registers properly so people aren’t wasting their time. They know that people wasting their time will avail themselves of the return policy come renewal. This is called “INCENTIVE”. I feel like people who are concerned about ethics as they relate to these circumstances are either corporate bots/people posting responses under the guise of being a customer in the hopes of triggering a sheep like response to “live” with the status quo. I’m not sure soccermomx3 is a real person “in that she isn’t being paid to post on forums and comment sections”. I am aware (given the business we are in) that this activity happens very frequently. Corporations find that this technique is incredibly effective for boosting sales, and directing existing customer opinion the way they want. It is similar to a sheep dog barking at the sheep to get them into the pen. Remember that when questionable posts like this occur and fight the herd mentality.

        The bottom line is you need to demand service for your hard earned dollar. You need to demand quality for your hard earned dollar. If you don’t, they will not give it to you. Anyone that says we are dishonest for demanding that we get what we pay for is suspect. Why would they say something like that? That’s like someone saying you are dishonest if you smack a mugger over the head and take your wallet back. It is the type of logic that crosses your eyes, yet people fall for it because it is repeated enough. People will believe anything if it is repeated enough. We need to reverse the herd mentality and make these corporations get into the honest pen and do what is right by the customer. Demand you get your money’s worth. Demand you get your money’s worth. Demand you get your money’s worth. Demand you get your money’s worth. These aren’t the droids you are looking for… 🙂

  • RGAX

    It’s different. When you buy a stereo, use it, and return it, the item is degraded. Either the store looses if it has to sell it at clearance price, or the nextt buyer looses for buying a used item at brand new price. With the membership fee, it’s different. There’s no tangible item that get’s degraded. In fact, even after refunding the membership fee, Sam’s Club still wins additional the increased sales and the resulting profit.

  • soccermomx3

    I could not do this. I feel it’s cheating because you did receive benefits and privileges from that membership and that, essentially, is what you are paying for – the privilege of shopping for the benefits they offer. It’s not that you aren’t satisfied with the membership because you ARE. Otherwise you would not keep returning year after year.

    • Reviewboard

      You should not do this, if you feel it is cheating then you feel the fee is appropriate. You would not qualify for a review because you don’t have an issue. The refund method described is for people who are upset about paying to shop at a store. They have an honest right to return their membership for a full refund because they are truly not satisfied.

      • soccermomx3

        I have as much right to state my opinion about the practice mentioned here as you do about me stating it. I do have an issue – with cheating – and that’s exactly what the article is about. I don’t see written here that “only opinions in agreement with the article are allowed.”

        • We didn’t say you couldn’t voice your opinion we were illustrating the difference between ours and yours because you seemed to have missed it. Clearly we are having a problem communicating effectively with you and believe me we feel it is our fault. So let me break this down to bullet points:

          1) Your opinion is valuable to us.
          2) You think it is cheating the system, because you said we were lying and we were satisfied with the membership.

          So the problem is there is a disconnect. We never said we weren’t satisfied with the membership perks, what we said was we were not satisfied with the price (i.e. paying for it at all). Because the price is part of the membership, it means we are not satisfied fully (which is what SAMS club wants, us to be satisfied FULLY). So it goes like this:

          1) SAMS club WANTS us to be satisfied FULLY and state that in their return policy.
          2) We are NOT satisfied FULLY because we have to pay for the right to use their store (something that irritates us and many others). This means we are only satisfied PARTIALLY.
          3) This means we are entitled to a refund and SAMS Club Corporate AGREES with us KINDHEARTEDLY.
          4) It also means we are refunding ethically.

          NOW that said, SAMS Club’s return policy says anytime, for any reason. Your “Unethical” people who are satisfied are also entitled to a refund. The reason “just because” is valid under SAMS Club’s policy. Our problem is you said we were unethical and the fact of the matter is we weren’t satisfied and can’t be satisfied under the current “pay to play” structure so we will always be entitled to an “ethical” (under your logic) refund.

        • Reviewboard

          So… we agree with you and you get mad and argue with us. Were you wrong? I’m not sure I understand. If we agree with you… and you say we are wrong, does that mean you changed your mind?

  • soccermomx3

    Completely agree Steve. Thank you.

  • soccermomx3

    You are right James. This is not honest at all.


    Well as an employee for Sam’s Club at the Member Service Desk that is not how we do it at our store… the Only time that we offer a “satisfaction guarantee refund” is when a member upgrades to the PLUS MEMBERSHIP and we only refund the $55 for the upgrade. Why should people get to shop practically all year long on a Basic Membership only to ask for a refund just as it is about to expire… That is so wrong in so many ways especially when we can check to see how many times one has shopped there. Sure if one only made a couple visits okay but if they made more then the normal shopping visits as they would at a normal supermarket why should they be entitled to a FULL REFUND….So at our store we only tell them that they get a full refund to the upgrade charge. Before that is done we show them how much they have spent and now with the Cash Rewards program we show them what they would be losing on. One could even pay for their membership with the cash rewards alone and still get the extra perks…But a BASIC Membership I would call that cheating!!!

    • Reviewboard

      Please tell me what store you work at and when you will be on duty. I’ll send a writer down to get a refund and a refund they will get. In addition they will renew their membership without issue, and I assure you that will be the way it is or you, the manager, and everyone else involved with the incident will be fired on the spot. This is a corporate policy and this method of return is authorized by SAMS Corporate. You do not speak for the store and you have not been trained properly.


    What people don’t seem to understand is that when they buy, use and return they make the rest pay for them being scums. Don’t they realize that by doing this the store loses money so to make things even and that includes employees pay that merchandize then gets a price hike?… I see this every single day working at the Member service desk….People will buy say an AC unit for that one or two days of hot weather and return it a few days later….or how about when they buy a pack of meat and half of it is missing only to tell us that it was bad…If it was bad Bring the whole damn piece of meat at least to know that you did not eat what is missing….who cares if we end up throwing it in the trash… But we want to see the Full product at least… We don’t know you we don’t know how trustworthy you are…
    And just because you lost your receipt doesn’t mean you are entitled to your refund on your debit or charge card just because you say you paid with that.. we will check make sure you purchased it and when and if all is good it WILL be put on a shop card not your debit or charge card ..out system only tells us what you bought and when and how much NOT how you paid…So please do not argue our policy….Shop card is what you get…If you do not want to shop at the club you know damn well you will be shopping at Wal-mart you can use it there….

    We get a lot of crazy people who think they are entitled to a refund just because they say so….Whoever came up with Customer is Always Right had his head stuck up his @$$… For Customer is NOT always RIGHT!!!….


    You DO NOT tip the cashier an extra $20 because accepting gifts is grounds for IMMEDIATE TERMINATION!!!! and believe me we do not like to explain why our till is OVER Especially if it is dollars..cents are passable ….and cameras are always on..only a Cashier that doesn’t give a damn about her job (not that it is glamorous but a job nonetheless).

    • Reviewboard

      You make some really sexist remarks nonya. “only a Cashier that doesn’t give a damn about ‘her’ job” There are plenty of men who are cashiers, and it is not, and should not be considered “woman’s work”, outside of child birth there is no such thing as “woman’s work”.


    Yes Sam’s Club makes money just like any other business but they also have jobs for people not glamorous but it’s a job. Why is it that people just don’t give a damn about those that can provide jobs for people and always have to talk down on them because they make a profit…
    I have had so much better jobs then Sam’s Club but I enjoy working there… heck it is the less stressful job I have had…

    • wayne crawford

      What you fail to understand is that if Sams Club didnt have people walking through their doors they would not provide one single job to the community they are charging to spend money there.

  • Reviewboard

    Yes, your membership is covered by the return policy regardless of place of purchase.

    • savingsatbestlady

      Ok I had a sam club membership years ago, but never used it because of the distance between the store and my home, I wish I would have come across this article then, in fact, I am going to go get a new membership and evoke my right of return in 50 weeks! The people who say this is shady or unethical, probably also hate the extreme couponers, and those who will do whatever it takes to save their family money! Besides, the money they receive in interest from holding my money I paid up front to shop there pays the membership fee anyway, so I don’t understand how it’s considered “cheating” I feel lucky to have read this article and I guess I will go be a scumbag free loader as someone put it and enjoy my savings, and look around and laugh at the people who are too “good” to also enjoy the free membership! So thank you from my family to yours!

  • Reviewboard

    That is not the reason membership fees are collected. They actually have a break down of profits (it’s a publicly traded company) and membership fees are collected for profit. It is not morally wrong unless you are satisfied with the membership fee and still seek to refund it. I am not satisfied with it, I don’t believe in paying money for the right to purchase goods, which is why they have a refund policy; so I can use it.

  • momof321

    I personally would not get a refund for my membership. If anyone, and I mean anyone has a problem with ethics they really need to look no further than the Walton family themselves. I’m not talking about the dead Sam Walton, but everyone else. Talk about GREED, corruption and what is wrong with our country! Just look up Walton Family Greed, the walton family barely even gives to their own charity! If everyone did this membership revolt maybe they would stop charging for it. I went to their website and it really does clearly state if you are unhappy for any reason. For those that really think it is a big deal Sams club is basically giving away their memberships for free with their new promotion. You pay 45 for membership, get a 20 gift card and 4x $22 food gift vouchers which totals $142.18 ! So this guy is actually saving them money! ha It just shows that membership fee is expendable!

  • jaj07

    I am stunned by the number of people that agree with
    this scheme. If a person walks into one
    of these stores with the intention of taking a refund, then you are abusing the
    policy. The policy was designed for the
    people who wanted to try out the store and later decided that it was not for
    them. It was not designed for the person
    who wants to save a dollar.

    I am gathering that the return method here is
    because you do not believe in paying a membership fee to shop at the store, not
    because you were not happy with the store.
    The policy states “if you are not happy with your membership” not that
    you are not happy with paying for your membership. If your only complaint is that there is a membership
    fee, then you have no reason to enter the store.

    I pay my yearly membership to shop at one of these
    stores and I do so because of love the store.
    Maybe a lot of you do not feel that the store is losing out, but your
    actions have some effect. Maybe not with
    one person or a dozen, but eventually it adds up.

    My husband and I are not wealthy, and I am all about
    saving a dollar. I clip my coupons and
    wait for items to go on sale, but I would never take advantage of a policy to
    save a dollar.

    For anyone who is looking to save a few dollars on a
    membership and does not want to abuse the system, check around online, you
    might be able to find a great deal on new memberships. You may not get the membership fee waived,
    but certain deals offer coupons for free items or even a store gift card. Some employers even offer discounts.

  • Ima Tiered

    I read this article a while back and thought, ‘well, if you can live with it, that’s fine for you!’. But as my membership came up for renewal, my Mom and I talked about getting the upgraded membership, but we weren’t sure about it. We checked the terms and discussed the additional money it would cost, how much we actually spent there and how much we would have to spend to get the extra fee back in cash back rewards. So today, being my VERY LAST DAY, we were still undecided, but we decided to go shopping and get whatever was needed, as it might be our last visit too!
    I filled my gas tank up at Sams (usually about .10 cheaper a gallon) and used my Sams Membership card. No problem!
    I returned two items at the return desk. No problem!
    We go inside, we do our shopping and she is just ahead of me in line and the cashier says she needs to renew her membership before he can check her out. I stepped in and said “No, that’s not true, I just got gas and it went through and I even returned a few items I was not happy with (I buy a lot of stuff there!)”. He said he would have to get a manager, so we stood there and waited till the manager came. She repeated the same thing and my Mom is getting really upset, because she knows we are on the edge about this whole thing and trying to justify an upgraded membership on our possible upcoming renewal. So I told the manager, “That is not so! I just bought gas and the transaction went through flawlessly. Then I returned two items at your return counter and there was no problems there either. This membership is good through today!”. She then replied, “Well tomorrow you will need it to buy here again!”. I looked at my Mom and I could tell she was not happy, but I smiled! I thought ‘they have just handed me a reason to not only refund my membership for the whole year, but I would now have $45.00 to put towards next years PLUS MEMBERSHIP IF IF IF IF IF……I decide to go back’. We finished checking out and her and I had a little discussion about what to do. I told her what I was going to do was let them know I was unhappy at being strong armed into renewing my membership, and being lied to. Do you know what happened next? Yup! I marched right up to the counter, told the girl what happened and asked for my money back! She cheerfully said she understood completely, started to refund me, and then said a manager does have to okay this, I said fine…a few seconds later, a different manager came, heard the explanation and said “You are absolutely right and I am so sorry that happened! I do hope you change your mind and renew your membership with us!” It took less time to get my $45 membership fee back then it did arguing the point at check out. Now, honestly, was I planning on doing that? NOPE! But when I saw what they were doing to my Mom, it made me mad! And then when the manager (probably only a CSM actually!) tried to repeat the lie, now I was frosted! I wasn’t that happy about paying it to begin with, but I understood the deal! I used it…..right up until the last minute! Yes, I like their store, and frankly, most of their staff too! But today was not the day to play me! The thing is, I was considering the upgraded membership too! Now, I have $45 in my pocketbook, and I do not have a membership. Mom wasn’t even really wanting the upgraded membership, but would if I did, and said if I didn’t renew at all, she would be okay with that, too! So now, we are going to sit on that for a few days, and maybe I get over it, maybe I do not! Do I feel bad about going up to the last day? NOPE! Because I wasn’t sure I was going to renew, and if I did, I was leaning towards the upgraded PLUS MEMBERSHIP to boot! Frankly, they did it to themselves! And may have lost a good customer over it. Oh and BTW, this store was not actually our regular store (although we go to this one too) we have one closer to home, but we were doing additional shopping (Christmas and so on!). I put the money in a envelope to pay for the membership, if I renew it. If not, I will give it to my Mom! The idea that would try and jerk her around (she’s on my membership!) just didn’t go over well with me. So Nonya, if you would have been my cashier when I came to the desk, you would have seen why I was born with red hair, and I would have crawled up one side and down the other if you had tried to pull your junk on me! I was already ticked off! And I would have been happy to see you removed from the Membership Desk, for trying to make your own policy of what constitutes my unhappiness and what portion of my membership you would refund! Yeah….NO! So right now, I am $45 richer, I do not feel the least bit shady about it, and IF I get to where I am not pissed any more, I might go renew it, I might upgrade it, and I might just give Mom the money! I do not know at this minute. But I will tell you what is making me think MAYBE….is they did apologize, they were super quick to refund my money and I do like some of the things I get there. Is it worth $100 (cost of the upgraded membership), not so sure about that! Is it worth the $45 for the regular membership? Not sure about that either. But the fact that they did what they did at the end, yeah…..maybe I will. Because that is an incentive to do it, I’ve been doing it for OVER 10 years now. Never asked for a refund of my membership. But now that I know, if I am not happy, I can get it refunded, well Nonya, that suits me just fine! And more importantly, you should be happy to make me happy! I spend a lot of money throughout the year there! So myself and a bunch of other ‘members’ have made your job a good job to have! Because if we aren’t happy, we will be up to that desk to see you and if you piss the likes of me off, trust me, its not going to be a good day for you! Now if you are sweet about it and apologize for my inconvenience, and my Mother being upset, I may calm down and come back! But your way Nonya, is a sure fire way to make sure not only do I make you sorry, but the whole food chain I will be crawling up and down too! Is that really a good idea on your part? I think NOT! I am very pleasant, very nice customer, even when I am disappointed in something, or someone, but I take no prisoners either! That means I do not take being LIED TO! AT ALL! And what you are spouting is an outright lie! So read that policy carefully! It doesn’t say according to this store policy, or according to Nonya, today’s policy is you get what I feel like giving you! And now that I know you dispense chicken rotisserie and gift cards, you can bet I will be expecting someone to be having a VERY GOOD DAY when and if THEY SEE ME at the membership counter. So you better get those gift cards and rotisserie chicken coupons ready! Because I might be back! 🙂

  • Tia Rose

    This is unethical. Even if you can justify in your own mind how their policy “allows” this, you should have a moral conscious enough to know this is wrong. No, I don’t like paying to shop here. However, they do offer some good deals and, over the course of the year, my family and I save enough money to justify the cost. If you’re looking for a less expensive way to get a membership watch groupon, living social, etc. discount sites—they regularly run specials for discounted memberships. Bad customer service does not justify basically stealing, which is what you’re doing since you’ve used the benefits.

  • MERJ

    Why does Sam’s Club mail my neighbor an absolute free membership…all the neighbor has to do is go to Sam’s Club with proper ID and get a free membership, but I have to purchase a membership…how ethical is that?

  • ckbckb

    Good grief, come on folks. These are some amazing contortions of logic to try to justify unethical behavior. If you’re thinking about this and haven’t decided yet if it’s ethical or not, it’s not. If you’re unsatisfied with paying for the right to shop there, then don’t pay and don’t shop there. Simple. To purchase something (and that includes a membership) knowing that you will use it and then return it after using it, is unethical and fraudulent. Folks who abuse generous return policies this way, hurt all of us. The money they “save” is passed on to the rest of us and we all pay more than we otherwise would. In addition, they discourage retailers from offering generous return policies which then hurts customers with legitimate returns.

    • Undeniably Right

      Sorry you feel that way, fortunately for the rest of us SAMS Club and the Walmart Corporation feel differently and have actually designed this policy for this very purpose.

      • ckbckb

        No. Walmart definitely has not designed their return policy for the purpose of giving people free memberships. That would be absurd. They’ve designed it to reassure people undecided about purchasing a membership that they can go ahead, buy, and then “return” it if they later decide they don’t want it after all. For their own reasons, they’ve decided to tolerate some degree of abuse. Note that they also tolerate customers with 40 items going through the 20-items-or-less checkout lane. But the fact that they tolerate something doesn’t mean that they like it and it doesn’t change the ethics.

        • Actually their PR team made a statement to us via email stating that they did create this policy specifically to address the concerns of customers who didn’t feel they should have to pay for a membership to buy goods in their SAMS Club stores. So contrary to your well-intentioned statement trying to protect Goliath from David you are wrong. People like you truly puzzle us, you have been so completely brainwashed by corporate America that you actually hyper-defend (using of all things your odd sense of “moral obligation” which has been twisted so far out of reality it can’t be called that) a huge company to the degree that you contradict their own statement of fact to try and make your point (which apparently is “We should all love to pay for the privilege of paying and if you don’t love it you are a thief and an unethical beast who will burn in hell for all time”).

          I’m sorry if this is harsh but you did just come to our website, lie to everything twice, and say we are unethical.

        • Undeniably Right

          LOL no… they did not design it for that purpose. If that were true then the return policy would be valid for 30 – 60 days (even 90 would be generous). No… “Anytime for Any Reason” is to accommodate the folks that can’t stand the idea of paying for the right to spend their money. You should really do some self-reflecting. You have been trained by Corporate America to give them your money so long you have actually started to make stuff up to justify your need to give them your money. Incredible.

        • Reviewboard

          Please refer to the telephone recording available at the top of the article above the title (Just click play) of SAMS Club saying it is ok. The entire call was recorded.

        • Musemaster™

          I think the policy is a show of good faith that the customer is going to become a member, to warrant the cost (which, heck, even $0.05 to print a card becomes $500 with 100,000 Members), and you can return it because, hey… you did business there, and their computers can verify that. I don’t think Sam’s Club wants to rip you off, they just want to keep track of who is coming and going, and have the rights to information regarding your buying habits.

          And…hey, if you AREN’T one of the people who refunds the card before the year is up, to show your appreciation for the savings you enjoyed as a Sam’s Club member? Well, you do your part to make their generous policies an ongoing thing!

          This isn’t a justification, or rationalizing… it’s good business! It makes 100% good sense to offer something like this.

          You’ve got to think Big Picture. 🙂

      • Yes, you live up to your name. This is correct.

    • Reviewboard

      Please refer to the phone recording (click the play button above the title) you will see that the SAMS Club customer service people agree that it is ok to do this.

    • Shirley

      Totally agree!

    • Musemaster™

      I think the policy is a show of good faith that the customer is going to become a member, to warrant the cost (which, heck, even $0.05 to print a card becomes $500 with 100,000 Members), and you can return it because, hey… you did business there, and their computers can verify that. I don’t think Sam’s Club wants to rip you off, they just want to keep track of who is coming and going, and have the rights to information regarding your buying habits.

      And…hey, if you AREN’T one of the people who refunds the card before the year is up, to show your appreciation for the savings you enjoyed as a Sam’s Club member? Well, you do your part to make their generous policies an ongoing thing!

      This isn’t a justification, or rationalizing… it’s good business.

  • M Buckley

    I think what Sams Club (and any business for that matter that requires any kind of payment to be THEIR member) is reward their loyal long term members by providing them with some type of extra incentives (say at every five or ten year interval they provide said member with a five or ten percent off entire purchase coupon.)

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