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FishVerify the fishing tool everyone needs for iPhone

FishVerify the fishing tool everyone needs for iPhone

We haven’t had a chance to play with this app yet, but we thought this was such a cool idea (and while the app is not available yet, it is in Beta and well on its way to being released in early 2017) we had to write about it.

If you have an iPhone you would pay for and download the app called “FishVerify”.  You go fishing and when you catch something that you aren’t quite sure of (whether it is what type of fish, or what the limits are in the area you are fishing) this app comes into play.

You fire up the app, take a picture of the fish in your hand and it will identify the fish, tell you if you can eat it, what the local fish regulations are regarding size limits, count, etc…

This is definitely the best app idea I’ve seen in a long long time.  We’ll circle back when we get a copy of the app (I’m guessing when it becomes available in the AppStore, unless the company gives us early access) and let you know how it actually works.

We are guessing it works a lot like OCR only instead of text it is fish, by shape, color, etc…

Mobile Devices

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