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Etymotic Research Music Pro Adaptive Earplug Review

Etymotic Research Music Pro Adaptive Earplug Review

Etymotic Research Music Pro Adaptive Earplug Review

Ever been to a concert, club, gun range, or loud area?  If you are a musician, work at an airport, are in law enforcement, work at a gun range, work as a contractor or in construction you are probably damaging your ears every day.

You can wear ear plugs, the problem with them is that they plug up your ears so you can’t hear anything.

Etymotic Research has been making these really neat adaptive ear plugs for a little while now.  The new ones are called the “Music Pro” and they are really something.

My test bed for this Music Pro EarPlug review was a fellow I know really well (He is my son). He is a musician of some note and his stage name is Milo. He also goes by Scallops Hotel.  In real life his name is Rory Ferreira and I wanted to know what he thought of them. I wanted to know if they actually worked or if they were a gimmick.  I wanted to know if he would actually spend $300 on these Etymotic Research Music Pro earplugs after using them.

How the Etymotic Reasearch Music Pro EarPlugs Work

So the basic concept is these are electronic earplugs that adapt automatically to your sound environment.  Think of the way air bags work in cars. You hit something in front of you and the bag inflates instantly and prevents you from going through the windshield.

While the Music Pro Earplugs do not inflate, they allow sound into your ear at volumes that are safe.  When the sounds become unsafe by reaching dB levels that are unacceptable they kick in and reduce that sound by about 15 dB.  This means you get to still hear what is going on, it is just like someone lowered the volume for you (instantly). When the sound around you is at a safe level your natural hearing is restored.

What’s in the Box – Music Pro EarPlugs

In the box you get the following:

  • Batteries
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Neck Cord
  • Case
  • Filters (keeps out the earwax and smooths that frequency response)
  • ACCU Fit Eartips (many sizes)

There are two modes to activate the Natural Hearing mode (Normal Mode) that gives you the 15 dB sound protection and the Enhanced Hearing mode that does 9 dB sound protection.

The Etymotic Research Music Pro EarPlugs have a total Noise Reduction Rating of 25 decibels according to their documentation.

What Milo Thought of them

Milo has used them for several months now at his shows and he hit me up to give me the feedback.  He said they were SO USEFUL and were the best ear plugs he has ever had.  He uses them all the time and was very grateful for them.

If you haven’t heard Milo’s music you can look for his latest album “So The Flies Don’t Come” on iTunes, Google Play or wherever music is sold. It was #26 on Rollingstone’s Top 40 Albums of 2015  You can find him on twitter at @yomilo

Milo Etymotic Research Music Pro (c) 2016 by Philip FerreiraI woke him up (he has those musician hours) to hand them to him. This is what that looked like 🙂

All in all between his testing and mine I would easily give them a 5 out of 5 star rating. They did what they said they would do, the protection they provide is not insignificant and the investment they represent in your long term ear health is well worth it.



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