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Two Fools Fatboy Belt Review

Two Fools Fatboy Belt Review

Two Fools Fatboy Belt Review

Any company who has a motto “Say no to buckles and yes to seconds” is my kind of company. HA! Seriously though – if you have a belly do, a paunch, a gut, beer belly, spare tire, bay window, middle-age spread, extra love or any of the other descriptions that mean your mid-section is hanging low then you may have had an issue with your belt.

Skin tags, abrasions, burning sensation, pain in general are all things that bigger folk like myself tend to have when wearing a belt. ¬†Now I’m not talking about you skinny folk, I don’t know what kind of problems you might have with belts ūüôā ¬†That said, if it sounds like something you are experiencing then you might be interested in what I have to say.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect belt for about a decade. A good duty belt is about as close as I have come to a perfect belt before I tried the Fatboy belt. ¬†Duty belts do not have a buckle, they are fixed into place by velcro.

The problem with duty belts

The problem with the velcro is that either part of the velcro area, if left exposed, or if it shifts is not comfortable against the skin over a long period of time. The other problem is after steady use the velcro tends to lose its ability to adhere well and slips off.  So the total cost of ownership is high as they need to be replaced every 6 months to a year.

The Two Fools Fatboy takes a different approach and wow it is good. ¬†First of all it is made with real leather. I don’t mean that “real leather” that you see on couches either. I mean the kind of leather that your great grand-daddy had when he took it off his waist and ran after your father for doing something wrong. (Back when you didn’t go to jail for whoopin’ your kid, I do not suggest using this belt for that type of thing now.) This is a proper leather strap and it is made to last generations.

The feel of the Fatboy Leather belt is just ‘right’. ¬†It’s thick, heavy and smooth. Because it is real leather it just feels right against your skin so it is not something that is causes problems.

The unique buckle system is the key. It’s completely covered in leather and has a metal nipple that goes through the hole in the belt to keep it where it should be (See the pictures for detail). ¬†What is incredibly nice about it is the ability to adjust it with on hand quickly and easily. ¬†I can’t tell you how many times I’ll go to get in my truck, and reach down now out of habit to let it out a hole or even two (haha after dinner) and jump in the truck. ¬†Makes the ride much more comfortable and when I get out of the truck I just reach down and cinch it up the notch or two so I can walk into the house without my pants falling down to my ankles.

I’ve tested this belt everyday for 4 or 5 months now and I can say without hesitation it is my favorite belt and the best belt that I’ve ever owned. I give the Two Fools Fatboy Belt 5 out of 5 stars and I’m nominating it for an Editor’s Choice Award. ¬†This is a small family owned business, every belt is made by hand so if you are interested in getting one you can go directly to their website to do so.



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