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Fusion3 F400 Industrial 3D Printer Review

Fusion3 F400 Industrial 3D Printer Review

Fusion3 F400 Industrial 3D Printer

The Fusion3 F400 Industrial 3D Printer is a very inexpensive industrial 3D printer that has print speeds of up to 250 MM/second and a layer resolution that gets down to 20 microns.  It’s one of the most impressive extrusion style printers we have had a chance to take a look at.

The Fusion3 F400 Industrial 3D Printer ships out to you via freight delivery.  It is a LOT bigger than your average desktop 3D printer coming in at 30.6″x 28.1″ x 25.25″.  The print technology behind the Fusion3 F400 Industrial 3D Printer is called Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), another name for this is Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).  The FFF term was coined by members of the RepRap project to avoid problems with Stratasys Inc who trademarked the term FDM.  While the difference in names can be confusing it is the same technology.

The Fusion3 F400 Industrial 3D Printer has a heated glass build plate that goes up to 284 degrees Fahrenheit. The print nozzle is made from hardened steel and has two sizes to choose from (.8mm and .6mm).  The Fusion3 F400 Industrial 3D Printer is pretty easy on the ears.  It’s about 35 dBA with the cabinet closed. To give you an idea chchearing.org says that a soft whisper is 30 dBA and rainfall is 50 dBA. So the Fusion3 F400 Industrial 3D Printer falls between a soft whisper and falling rain making it something you could realistically use in the office while working or talking to clients.

You can use up to a 4KG spool of 1.75mm filament in the Fusion3 F400 Industrial 3D Printer, and it supports almost any brand and formulation (PLA, ABS, ASA, PC-ABS, PETG, and many more).

It comes with a fully licensed 2 seat version of Simplify3D in Windows/Mac or Linux and supports .STL and .OBJ files.

The Fusion3 Design F400 Industrial 3D Printer is one of the only 3D printers that I have seen with a full 2 year warranty that includes Materials, Workmanship and AND AND the printhead.  Most 3D Printer companies (and I’m talking about ballpark same price range) do a limited year warranty.

One of the best features of the Fusion3 Design F400 Industrial 3D Printer is the enormous print area.  It’s 14″x 14″ x 12.6″.  This is quite a bit bigger than most desktop 3D Printers and allows you to make some really fantastic things without piecing together 3,000 smaller prints.

There are two versions of the Fusion3 F400 Industrial 3D Printer: The standard (S) and the High Flow Rate (HFR). The HFR version is about $200 more but includes a E3D Volcano print head and a larger .8mm hardened steel nozzle.

As you would expect with an industrial quality 3D printer the Fusion3 F400 Industrial 3D Printer has a 4.7″ color touch screen display, remote management, auto-bed-beveling and ever
g else you would need to really achieve a high success rate with your prints. You can even get an optional HEPA/Carbon filter System to reduce smells and emissions if you are in a space that isn’t ventilated well, or just don’t want to be exposed to it.

The Fusion3 F400 Industrial 3D Printer also comes with Free Lifetime Phone/Email support, you can get an enhanced support plan and if you need to buy replacement parts you get them at cost (plus ship/handling).

The Fusion3 folks have really done something with this F400 Industrial 3D Printer, it is easily a 5 out of 5 star product and we are giving it the first award of the year: The 2017 Reviewboard Magazine Best In Class Award.


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