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Magellan Roadmate 6630T-LM GPS Review

Magellan Roadmate 6630T-LM GPS Review

Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM GPS Review

Magellan has been a world leader in consumer GPS since they… you know… launched the first commercial handheld GPS receiver back in 1989.  That said they may know a little bit about making mobile GPS units.  It should be no surprise to you that the current flagship model the Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM is a winner.

Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM – Cons:

Let’s get the Cons out of the way. I should say CON because it is not plural. I hate saying something is perfect, so I had to think really hard and the only thing I could come up with (on the side of negative)  is the safety features. They are on.  When I mean on I mean…. ON.  When the default settings are on it is like driving with your grandma in the back seat yelling at you every 5 seconds. Slow down, you are too close to vehicle in front of you, watch the cars on the sides, slow down… rinse and repeat over and over ad nauseam. THANKFULLY it’s not really a con because you can go in and turn that off!!  If you are looking to turn off the ding everytime you go over the speed limit that one is in the general settings, the rest of them are in the safety settings menu.

LOL, I know you are all thinking I must drive like a lunatic…  However, I’ll ask you what I ask my passengers that tell me that… “But are you dead?”  🙂

Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM – PROS:

  • Unlimited map updates for life.  I could stop here because this is huge.  It seems like every company on the planet wants to nickel and dime you for map updates.  So we love Magellan for this.
  • Wi-Fi – the Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM has Wi-Fi!!  You can connect it to your phone’s internet via sharing, or a hotspot, or simply be in range of your Wi-Fi in your drive way.  This makes getting your updates for firmware and maps so EASY.  No more bringing it into the house, and plugging in USB cables, fighting with drivers, or running software on your computer.  It just connects to your Wi-Fi, asks you if you want the updates and then boom you are done.
  • No voice activated navigation. Sorry I hate this feature.  Generally speaking the units that have voice recognition don’t really do it well. Repeating an address over and over again, and forget about hard to say names, or names that are not in English (there are loads of streets that are named after people, or places). 50% of the time you end up just typing it in anyway and now you are stressed out and frustrated.
  • Traffic-camera detector – this is very nice and helps you avoid tickets. (Works for Red light cams too)
  • Not huge – it’s a 5 inch screen so it isn’t blocking your view of the road. That’s important even if you think it is not.  I’ve been in the car with people who were pulled over and ticketed for obstructed view.
  • Capacitive touch screen.  A lot of these GPS units have resistive screens.  The capacitive screens are WAAAY better. They are very responsive and the image is brighter and sharper because there isn’t a layer of plastic over the screen.
  • Has a built in 1080p day/night camera on the back that can be set to constantly record to a microSD card (comes with one) or to record if there is an impact (because it has a G-Shock sensor). The camera lens can be moved left/right/up/down so it can be dialed in exactly where you need it. If you get into an accident you will have everything on your microSD card to use as proof of fault (if you choose to do so obviously).  Also if someone in front of you gets into an accident, or something else happens you will likely have that on tape too!  There is an optional rear license plate cam that you can get to interface with the Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM as well.  It will record video from both the front and back at the same time.
  • Favorites menu is easy to use.  You can add places you like to eat, or go to easily.
  • Under $200 at the time of this review at Best Buy.

Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM – Summary

The Magellan RoadMate 6630T-LM is definitely a best in class GPS system and I’m nominating it for our 2017 Best in Class Award.  It’s under $200 and is packed with important features that are useful.  If you are looking for a GPS unit that is priced under $200 this is definitely the one to get.



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