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Jura Z6 Review – The Best Coffee Machine In The World

Jura Z6 Review – The Best Coffee Machine In The World

Jura Z6 Coffee Machine Review

The new new.  It’s a 3 letter acronym and it is changing the game in Super Automatic Espresso Machines.  The Acronym is P.E.P. as in put a little pep in your step. The Acronym stands for Pulse Extraction Process and Jura brought this game changing technology to their new machine the Jura Z6.

So what does it do? The P.E.P. technology lets the Jura Z6 pulse the water through the grounds of coffee while under pressure.  This is particularly important for things like ristretto and espresso because you have a small amount of coffee and a relatively small amount of water.  The old method brewed it under pressure, but the extraction was limited because of the limited amount of material.  This pulse action forces the water around each coffee bean ground to extract the maximum flavor from each ground quickly, and for the prefect time.  This gives you maximum taste, without over saturating the ground and pulling the unwanted bitter flavors from it.  The result is a thicker and richer crema with a full body taste that is really only matched by a professional Barista.

The New Jura Z6 is more accommodating when it comes taller glasses. Jura (and many other manufacturers of Super Automatics) still need to work on the concept of giving the American consumer what it wants, which is a taller accommodation.  10 inches would be perfect. That said the 6 inch accommodation is especially important when you want to make a Latte macchiato or an Iced Coffee.

Jura put in a new milk and milk foam nozzle that puts out a very impressive milk foam rivaling any of the specialty stores you go to for Coffee.  Instead of a secondary nozzle it is now built into the primary coffee nozzle assembly making a more streamlined looking design. You now have the ability to make 10 different adjustments to the milk temperature which is something we have never been able to do.  This is pretty slick.

The Z6 gives you control over the bean and dosage settings too.  You can adjust the bean strength via number of grams added per shot. In addition you can dial in the perfect taste even further by adjusting the grind from coarse to very fine.  *Note make sure you adjust the grind only when the grinder is grinding beans, and keep in mind that if you are using oily beans that you should never set it for FINE as the oils in the bean will collect in the tubes and create an emulsification that will clog your machine very quickly.  Maintenance on this issue can be pricey, and I do not believe it is covered under warranty work because the manual specifically tells you not to do that.

The Z6 does not come with an aluminum milk carafe. However, we suggest another product which is the Jura Cool Control Automatic Milk Cooler.  It is a very nice looking milk cooler that keeps your milk nice and chilly.  The carafe is OK, but you really need to keep in mind that throwing it in the refrigerator doesn’t help too much as it is a thermal carafe.  If you forget, the milk in the carafe turns into cheese in a day or two.  The Jura Cool Control Automatic Milk Cooler keeps the milk at 39 degrees which is right where it needs to be, and there is no hassle with getting it all set up everytime you want to use it.  You also don’t have to worry about bacteria and getting sick.  The Jura Cool Control goes for a couple hundred bucks, but you just spent several thousand on a coffee machine, if you are really going to sit down and kick and scream over a few hundred to add to your convenience you should probably think about why you purchased the Jura Coffee machine to begin with. The word is convenience. Do it the right way.

The Jura Z6 with the improved P.E.P. brewing system is absolutely top notch.  The milk / foam temp control addition has really kicked the game up another notch and the machine itself is breath taking in the looks department.  Add this eye candy to your counter and watch your friends and family form lines morning, noon and night.  It has a hot water feature that lets you brew tea, soup, and hot chocolate as well so it really is a versatile machine worthy of praise.  We give the Jura Z6 Coffee Machine 5 out of 5 Stars. It really is the best all around kitchen luxury item you can buy this year.  This is why we are giving it the 2017 Best In Class Award.

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