With the Biolock 333 Fingerprint Door Lock with Remote Control the future is at your door! This Do-It-Yourself device is a new generation of keyless fingerprint locks for residential and commercial use. What was once only used by large businesses, hospitals, school, and government is now available to the public. Best of all, it is weatherproof for outdoor applications.

The Biolock 333 replaces the traditional lock and key which has been manipulated and broken into for so many years. This is a much more safe, secure, and convenient way to protect your home and business. No more lost keys or key cards!

Unlike combination code or conventional locks, Biolock door locks don’t require a code that can be forgotten or like we said – a key that can be lost or stolen. Furthermore, instead of having to change locks when an employee or family member leaves you need only re-set or remove the fingerprint access information.

And what’s even better the BioLock – 333 comes with the convenience of an innovative IR remote control. This remote can be used so that you can open the door from inside from any direction without having to get up and walk to the door. The BioLock – 333 can hold up to 99 fingerprints and runs off 4 (AA) alkaline batteries. It also has a reversible handle. The kit includes a user manual with step-by-step installation information.

The Biolock 333 Fingerprint Door Lock with Remote Control comes in five different unique colors – brass, matte black, satin black, poly-chrome, and satin gray.

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