5 Ways To Save Money Shopping For Gifts in 2013

1) Don’t be dumb.  Seriously don’t do it.  There is power in the scour and you should be scouring the circulars, and online advertisements for deals.  BUT BUT BUT before you do that, sit down and plan out your attack.

  • Make a list of everyone you are getting a gift for.
  • Make a list of everyone you are getting ONLY a card.
  • Put a few gift suggestions next to each person you are getting a gift for along with a minimum dollar amount and maximum dollar amount.
  • Scour and I mean Scour the Internet and circulars for deals.  Make sure you do this research on your phone or tablet.  It is important to have an electronic device with Internet access when you are shopping and I’ll tell you why in #2. Make lists of everything, include domain names with full links to the advertised deal.  If you have circulars, make sure you mark each deal you are interested in, and put them together in an organized folder.

Congratulations you have just saved yourself 38% of what you would have spent if you had gone shopping without preparation, and because you actually put thought into each person you have increased the likelyhood that the gift recipients are actually going to like your gift by a whopping 75%.

Reviewboard Magazine

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