The 6 Second Abs machine is one in a long line of ab exercisers that became popular a few years back on late night TV.

The philosophy behind 6 Second Abs is simple. They provide a machine that they say will allow you to perform the perfect crunch. There are 3 clicks of down force and 3 clicks of up force.

So does the 6 Second Abs machine work? Sure, you can do a crunch. But the name is misleading as hell. The “6 Seconds” they refer to is the amount of time it takes to perform one rep, not to get great abs (like you’d fall for that anyway)…

6 Second Abs Manufacturer Claims:

Perfect Form – Maintain the proper form for a more effective crunch while in a comfortable, seated position.
Perfect Tempo – Audible clicks guide you through a perfect crunch lasting 6 seconds.
The Right Resistance – 5 adjustable resistance levels, from approximately 15 to 55 pounds.
I have a problem with the 6 Second Abs claims. There is no guarantee that you will be in perfect form, perfect tempo or get the right resistance.

For starters, most people that use an ab machine have crappy form, this fact isn’t helped by the unusual motion of this machine either.

Then there’s the tempo. 6 Seconds Abs is making a big leap of faith if they think people won’t try to go fast to get the exercise session over with.

Then there’s the resistance, sure it’s good to add resistance to your ab workout but the resistance bands work only marginally well at best.

To round out this review, 6 Second Abs also includes a diet and exercise guide, and a couple of workout videos.

If their machine works so great and will give you rock hard abs, what the hell do you need all that other stuff? I let you think up your own answer to that…

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