About Us

Reviewboard Magazine was started in 1997.  At the time we were one of the only mainstream consumer publications online.  Even Consumer Reports didn’t have much of a web presence, and of course they were not free.  We wanted to put a magazine together that took the clutter and complexity out of the review world and present it in plain English for the average lay person.  Almost 20 years later, Random Publishing, LLC owns Reviewboard Magazine and we rank well in every Top 10 Mainstream Consumer Publication in the world.

Reviewboard Magazine is the #2 mobile destination that mainstream America comes to when researching their next buy.  We are taste makers, confidants, and helpers all rolled up into one user friendly website.  We are always on the side of the consumer, looking for good deals, great products, and occasionally helping those who have been wronged by a bad deal, a bad support rep, or a bad company.  We have helped tens of thousands of people get returns, replacements, and satisfaction when something went wrong with their buy.  We have even published stories when companies have not treated our readers fairly, warning all others to stay away.  Like a silent presidential body guard we sit behind our readers and make sure they are treated with the respect they deserve.

73% of our readers are from the United States.  From there we have a large following in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, and China.  In total Reviewboard Magazine sees traffic in excess of 110 million unique visitors a year from 73 countries, and we automatically translate our articles in 43 languages.  Our staff list details the people that work for us and a method to contact them. The staff list may represent their real names, or their pen names (to make it easier for readers to contact them for questions).  The list does not represent the actual number of people that work for us either directly or as independent contractors. It is however a great starting point to getting in touch with the right person for your questions should you have any.



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