About Us

Reviewboard Magazine was started in 1997.  At the time we were one of the only mainstream consumer publications online.  Even Consumer Reports didn’t have much of a web presence, and of course they were not free.  We wanted to put a magazine together that took the clutter and complexity out of the review world and present it in plain English for the average lay person.  Almost 20 years later, Random Publishing, LLC owns Reviewboard Magazine and we rank well in every Top 10 Mainstream Consumer Publication List in the world.  Almost 2 decades later we aren’t free anymore, but we are still a top destination for our subscribers, and we do leave the summary out for our guest readers so they can get a general idea of what a product or service is like.

Reviewboard Magazine is the #2 mobile destination that our survey of partial mainstream Americans comes to when researching their next buy.  We are taste makers, confidants, and helpers all rolled up into one user friendly website.  We are always on the side of the consumer, looking for good deals, great products, and occasionally helping those who have been wronged by a bad deal, a bad support rep, or a bad company.  We have helped tens of thousands of people get returns, replacements, and satisfaction when something went wrong with their buy.  We have even published stories when companies have not treated our readers fairly, warning all others to stay away.  Like a silent presidential body guard we sit behind our readers and make sure they are treated with the respect they deserve.  That’s right our mothers, grandmothers, friends, family and subscribers think we are the cats meow!

73% of our readers are from the United States.  From there we have a large following in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, and China.  In total Reviewboard Magazine has seen traffic in excess of 110 million unique visitors from 103 countries, and we automatically translate our articles in 43 languages.  Our staff list details the people that work for us and a method to contact them.  We do use a lot of seasonal staff, so the staff list may represent their real names, or their pen names (whatever they feel comfortable with).  Some names on the staff list may also be names that we use to field certain types of calls, questions or services.  This helps provide a consistent contact point for people who need to ask questions, or for manufacturers who need to engage our services.  The list does not represent the actual number of people that work for us either directly or as independent contractors. It is however a great starting point to getting in touch with the right person for your questions should you have any.

In an effort to provide full disclosure to you the reader we want you to know that when we write about a product the first thing we do is ask the manufacturer to send it to us (free).  We keep that product after we are done.  We feel it is a good opportunity to write about products for the long term.  That’s why our reviews are generally a lot more accurate than say… a review you might read on C/Net where the writer had 3 days to play with a gadget.  We think everything is cool during the first 3 days. The novelty hasn’t worn off. OMG IT IS AWESOME!!! OMG GO GET IT.  No. That’s not the way to do a review.  I want to know what happens after 6 months when I’m swearing at something because it isn’t doing what I want now.  So we update our reviews.  We feel we can be completely truthful about it because at the end of the day in order to have value to these companies we need you the consumer to read our reviews. Our loyalty starts and stops with you.  Some companies won’t send us another product when we bash the first one. See if we say it’s bad (because it is actually bad) and a company doesn’t send us another… um… bad product… we look at that as a “thank you”, not a bad thing.  Sure we like free stuff just like everyone else, but we take it under the condition that we will keep it and the review will say it is good, bad or ugly without filter, and without regard to the manufacturer.  If they can’t deal with that then… honestly… tough, too bad for them.  Of course this is illustrated by our frequent 1 star or no star reviews where we talk about how bad something is.  This is why our reviews are not “Advertorials” (Think Infomercial) they are Editorial (Think our raw unchecked opinion).  That said, if a company needs a product back then they can pay the retail value of the product and at that point the review is not longer an Editorial it is an Advertorial.  It will not contain our opinion, and will be labeled as an advertisement.  To date we have had this happen twice, and both products are no longer available and as such have been removed from our website.

We enjoy providing the world with short, sweet, well informed reviews. We hope you love reading them as much as we love writing about them.

*#2 claim is based on random polls of Reviewboard Readers conducted on Reviewboard.com during 2012-2015