Reviewboard Magazine started in October of 1997 in a small apartment with one telephone and a Pentium 166mhz Computer.  Content Management Systems were bleeding edge and we developed our own version in PHP called ICE (Indy Content Engine).  The first month we were online we had over 100,000 page views and knew we were on to something.  Our mission, was to write Product Reviews in Plain English – leaving out most of the technical jargon and buzz words so that normal people without the “geek” side could understand why a product was good, or bad.  It paid off.

We grew steadily until about 2000 (at that time Alexa reported us as the 403 largest trafficked site on the Internet).  After the dot com bust we had to regroup, reorganize our infrastructure, and revenue model.  It was tough going for awhile but we made it through and were bought out by The Plain English Network.  The Plain English Network sold us to Digital Clarity Publishing, and now (as of July 2007 ) we are finally at home in the solid hands of Random Publishing.

Our review process is different then other review publications.  We actually use a product for several months (at least) before we write about it.  We will sometimes do a preliminary review, and then update it with more information as we use it over the long term.  As a result, many of the products we review on Reviewboard Magazine come directly from the manufacturer and are kept without payment.  Sometimes the manufacturer doesn’t like what we say about the product, and sometimes they don’t send us another product when their “New and Improved” model comes out, but that is generally how things are done here.  Most companies have a pretty neat product, and we give our opinion the way it is, short, sweet and to the point.  In the interest of full disclosure, we want you to know that we keep every product or service we review if a manufacturer sends us a sample.  If the manufacturer needs the product back we charge them a fee for our services, however, the fee is assessed whether our opinion of their product is good or bad.  The reason we do this is so we can avoid having a site so laden with advertising it is useless to you. How many times have you had to wait 15 seconds for an advertisement to complete before you read or looked at a review you were interested in?  You don’t have to do that here.

Our site is famous for our Holiday Buyer’s Guide (one of the best offerings on the web in our opinion), loads of readers every year pour into Reviewboard Magazine to get the free version just before Christmas.  Many people subscribe to get it the first week of December!

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