My wife was recently stranded on the roadside if you will.  She had a belt that fell off the car and she had enough battery to make it to an Advance Auto Parts store.  Now I have to say that I was already a customer of Advance Auto Parts, in fact, the battery in the vehicle is their brand (I like their warranty and they will install it for you which is a nice incentive).

That said, there is a reason I go there, and when I heard her say the only place that looks car oriented that she could pull into was Advance Auto Parts I felt a little relief because I thought there was a good chance she could get some help.

Currently, as I am writing the article Rubin, an employee at Advance Auto Parts is replacing her belt for her.  He has no idea who I am, he has no idea who she is… he’s just helping her because she needs it.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that he is doing this for my wife.  It’s 5:30pm most of the shops in the town she is in are closed, and she would literally be stranded there in the sub-zero temperatures waiting on a cab to bring her to the nearest hotel until I could rent a car and come down there to get her.

If you are looking for a good deal on parts, some solid advice from someone that knows what they are doing, or if you just want to support a chain that actually gives a damn about their customers… then you will want to continue/or start going to Advance Auto Parts.  They are simply the best.

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Philip Ferreira