If you are like many Americans you may find yourself behind the eight-ball when it comes to health insurance. It is expensive, if you have not been covered in a fee months you may not be able to get covered due to pre-existing conditions or you might just be fat. If your bmi is over a certain number for your height you could be denied coverage simply for that reason alone.

So what are you supposed to do? In many communities there are health centers or community health centers. They are low cost/sliding scale/free clinics that can take care of about 90% of your treatment issues.

A friend of mine lost their job last year and is a diabetic. Without a group plan they are SOL because diabetes is an instant disqualify for single person coverage. This is not to say they can afford that coverage but even if they could it is not an option.

They found a place called the VNA Health Services clinic and have been able to go for three visits, get prescriptions and blood work for 75 bucks total. If they were not receiving unemployment there would not be a bill.

Many Americans are finding that makes sense to go to these places for treatment even if they have to relocate to do so. If you can save thousands a year by making this type of change you might just pull through this economic downturn. My friend plans to continue going even after they get another job. The service and bedside manor at the VNA is the best they have ever had.

Sometimes you don need to spend a lot of money to get a good value.


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