The title of this article is what I would like to see when I go to the Alexa website on my mobile phone.  Unfortunately for people like me, we won’t be seeing it anytime soon because, from what we have been told, there is no such thing, nor is there anything in the works.  I have yet to hear back from an Alexa Representative on the matter.

For those of you who don’t know what Alexa is, it is a toolbar that you install to get website rankings.  Like and other websites this is really more of a Cleo the Psychic Hotline way of getting a web rank because the only true measure of traffic comes from the web server logs where you can count the connections that hit the site.  (You can download it at )

Alexa, and will tell you that their numbers are based on a “Mathmatical algorithm” blah blah hocus pocus but in reality they are aweful.  A good example of this is our site.  Alexa ranks us at 287,389.  An intern of ours runs a website on our servers called and they are ranked 294,000.  The problem with this is really simple, Reviewboard’s website gets 50-75,000 page views by 5000-7000 unique visitors a day.  The Whethermen’s Union website on the other hand gets 300 page views from 150 unique visitors a day.  We know this because we have access to the web logs of both websites. says Reviewboard Magazine gets 3500 – 5000 unique visitors a month.  They are just as aweful considering we do more than that in a day!

So why do people use them?  Well because it is fun to see traffic data.  I am a geek I like to look at stats, and graphs, and rankings. I like to compete with other websites… but it can be frustrating because there is no real way to do it properly. 

Anyway the reason I wrote this article was I was hoping for a way to install the Alexa toolbar in my mobile device browser but I have not been able to.  Even though I know they aren’t accurate I love to see the ranks move up down over the weeks.

Do you have any Alexa Toolbar or stories?

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