All American Pet Brands is a really innovative pet company that is definitely thinking outside of the box.  The first product they shipped out was the PAWTIZER.  This is an incredible idea folks, you have animals running around outside (usually without shoes) and they are stepping in who knows what constantly.  You have guests taking their shoes off, but with animals it’s a different thing and those germs are all over your house.  With PAWTIZER you have a handy easy and portable solution that really makes a lot of sense.

All American Pet Brands has formulated a special sanitizing wipe for your pets feet.  Designed to clean and kill 99.9% of bacteria without being harmful to the animal, the environment, your kids, and without drying out the pads on their feet.  It comes in a round container with 100 wipes, you just pull one out and take care of their feet before they come inside.  It’s perfect.

nutraThe next thing All American Pet Brands sent out was a little different.  You have all heard about powerbars, most of you have likely tried them before or after a workout.  Well All American Pet Brands has put together a ‘powerbar’ of their own (several infact).  They are giant quarter pound protein bars filled with vitamins, good fats, and guess what?  NO CORN!!  There are three different bars the CHOMP BAR, NUTRA BAR, and MUTT.

bullpawThe big test for us was obvious… do dogs like them?  We put it to the test.  Beggin Strips have long been a favorite of the animals here at Reviewboard.  In fact they go nuts, often pulling open the drawer they are in to let us know they are serious about snack time.  So we did something completely unfair to All American Pet Brands.  We put a small bowl of beggin strips on one side, and an one piece of each of the three CHOMP BAR, NUTRA BAR, and MUTT Bar in another bowl.  We let one dog in at a time, they ran up to the bowls paused, sniffed at all of them, and went for the bars over the begging strips.  That was impressive.  They were quite content eating the beggin strips afterward, but they went for the unknown first which was pretty interesting.

The ingredients on the wrapper make these snacks a lot healthier than your average dog snacks, so you don’t have to feel guilty about giving them a treat.  All in all we were very impressed with the entire line up.  The PAWTIZER was such a huge hit and because all of these products are so reasonably priced we had to give it a Reviewboard Best Buy Award right out of the gate.  5 out of 5 stars.

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