It doesn’t matter what kind of home you live in, Ants like to come in and look around for food.  Once they find what they are looking for you never seem to stop seeing them no matter how careful you are not to leave any food crumbs around.  There is a way to get rid of them very easily.

Just pick up some Raid Ant Baits.  I know what you are thinking, do those things really work?  Well I’m going to tell you I’ve personally tried these out at two different houses I’ve lived in and they are great.  Generally if you live in a rural area you are going to see a few every year, especially in mid-spring.  There are a ton of different Ant Baits to choose from but the cheapest 4 pack, called Raid Ant Baits works very well.  You buy a couple of packages of them, put out four of them in various areas (exits and food areas are great places to put them) and then let them sit there for a month.  Replace them one more time and you’ll be done for the year.  It’s really that simple.  Without going into all the grizzly details, it’s basically a poison that is tamper proof (ish) and they eat it, bring it back to their ant castle and share it with their friends. 

Somethings make you the life of the party and somethings kill it… Raid Ant baits kill it :)

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