This stainless steel Architect II T Series KitchenAid dishwasher features a distinctive look. The unit fits into standard-size kitchen cabinetry openings with a width of 24 inches. As a built-in, it offers full size performance with its tall tub design. The lower rack is customizable, and fold-down tines are provided to accommodate a variety of dishware. Sure-Hold clips are included to keep your dishes in place.

The electronic control panel is hidden alongside the top of the drawer. There are five cycles such as heavy duty, rinse, or a light option. Further control over the wash is provided with six options for the five preset cycles.

Washing is delivered through four stainless steel wash arms, which spray water at 10 angles to provide thorough coverage inside the machine. Hard-to-clean items are sprayed with powerful bursts of water. A washing sensor adjusts the wash cycle to specific water conditions. A four-blade food disposal grinds and washes away food particles. A sanitizing option in the rinse cycle is NSF certified. The entire unit utilizes the Whisper Quiet sound insulation system for noise reduction.

This unit rated high both among users and testers over at Consumer Reports (log-in required). The testers gave the unit an 81 with the highest-rated unit getting 83 points out of a possible 100. The lowest score in the group was a 48. People were happy with the multiple settings and its large capacity. In the end, every user who left a comment would recommend this unit to a friend

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