Award Buy Back Program


Reviewboard Magazine (Random Publishing, LLC) will buy back the product you purchased if we gave it an award if you are not satisfied under the following conditions:

1) You were a subscribing member to Reviewboard Magazine 6 months before you purchased the product.

2) You are currently a subscribing member to Reviewboard Magazine without a lapse in membership. (This means you didn’t sign up for a 6 months, buy a qualifying product and then stop paying for subscription renewals… have an issue, and then renew your subscription. It means you have been a faithful subscriber to Reviewboard Magazine and since you signed up you have never missed an opportunity to renew).

3) You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.  Offer is only valid where this agreement is legal and enforceable in its entirety.

4) The product must be in resale condition (we will decide if it is).

5) You pay for shipping the product to us.

6) When you ship the product to us you include your name, address, phone number, the original sales receipt, the original box, and any documentation, cords, cables, manuals, and anything else that came with it.  The product must be complete and undamaged.

7) We will pay you market value within 30 days of approval.

8) The maximum amount we will ever be liable for is half the retail value of the product.

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