I am an avid Batman fan so it was kind of disappointing to see that Batman Arkham Origins was not done well. The story line was OK, and the graphics were great… unfortunately that’s where it ends.  Like a lot of good ideas, execution is a huge part of a successful game title.

The fighting interface is kludgy and complicated.  There isn’t enough control, and because of that you are trapped in the same monotonous type of combat the entire game.  This is a problem because the majority of the game is spent fighting (it’s Batman).

The puzzles, and remote controls batarang are OK.  Nothing that is going to stretch your brain any, and the hints make it worse.  Batman Arkham Origins has a setting to shut the hints off, but in the copy we played we could not get that to actually happen (they were given regardless of the switch to off).

Batman Arkham Origins is fairly buggy, we experienced several game crashes, and while that didn’t really result in much level loss (it starts you off at the last auto-save) it is annoying.

Lastly, I am not at all a fan of hostage-ware.  Every time you fail a mission, you have to watch the opening sequence again (no skip) and that is 30 seconds of my life times 50–100 per game that I want back.

I know a lot of people have been giving this title a good review, but if they have a good hard honest look at what they are paying $50–$60 US, I’m not sure they aren’t just writing so that Rocksteady Studios will send them another free game when the next one comes out.

I give Rocksteady Studio’s Batman: Arkham Origins 2 out of 5 stars.  It’s really a pretty big disappointment and only takes a few days to finish.


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