The Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion is a pretty large expansion and well worth the $15.  You get more maps, weapons, driveables/flyables, but it’s fits into the BC2 seperately.  So it’s almost like a different game as well.  The unlocks and weapons you get in BC2 Vietnam are different, but you can still unlock Game wide weapons and extras as well which is pretty cool.  So if you play Vietnam you are still unlocking stuff for regular BC2 as well and you won’t have to go play BC2 for 20 hours to get the same weapons.

The servers are pretty decent.  I think DICE needs to be a little more selective with their “Trusted” partners as there is little difference between these rental servers and player run servers (i.e. I still see racial slurs, and all kinds of other fighting goodness in comments).  If EA is going to go to the trouble of using selective “Trusted” partners you would think it would be a little more controlled.  Otherwise, there is really no reason to not allow anyone to run a non-ranked server and have fun on a LAN at home.

The new maps are fun, there are a ton of well designed rush/conquest/dm areas that are great.  The most powerful dicipline is the medic, I’ve been able to consistantly outscore everyone on the server reviving people with the syringe and passing out heal packs (in addition to shooting everything that moves with my m-60). 

The only thing that is really missing from the whole set (BC2 and Vietnam) is general Death Match.  I like the squad thing and it’s cool, but I’d like to get the old “Quake” style play back where it’s a free-for-all kill anything that moves thing as well.  If you are going to have options they should have them all :)

Anyway loads of great fun, I’d give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.  Good job EA.  The only left to say is… if any of you n00bz see Reviewboardcom, Purely Epic, or Tanis online hope you are on the same team… cuz you are going to get PWNED!!  This game is available on PC, XBOX 360, and PS/3.

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