Bodycraft has a nice rowing machine in the VR 100. It’s unique in for the fact that combines both air and magnetic resistance. Now you don’t have to chose which one you like better, get both types of resistance on one machine.

Bodycraft is known for solid home gyms, and they’ve taken what they learned and applied it to their vr100 rowing machine with good results.

The resistance system on the vr100 is unlike any other rowing machine on the market. It combines wind resistance for level one, and magnetic resistance as the work load requirement increase.

Unlike most other cheap rowers, the Bodycraft doesn’t suffer from the usual maladies like cord whiplash and poor ergonomics. This rower should provide a positive rowing workout for tall and short users alike.

Bodycraft VR100 Rowing Machine Key Features and Benefits

contoured ergonomic seat glides along precision bearing rollers
console tracks every workout element: time, distance, heart-rate, calories burned, strokes per minute
44 inches of travel from pedals will accommodate any size user
console has a built-in Polar (or compatible) heart rate monitor receiver
Lifetime frame warranty, 1 year parts

The best feature of the vr100 is the polar heart rate monitor receiver. If you own a heart rate monitor you’re good to go, if not you can pick one up pretty cheap and track you workouts.

An additional feature I like about the Bodycraft is the folding design that allows for easy storage when you’re done with your workout.

If you’re looking for an affordable, well built rower that will serve you well for years to come, put the Bodycraft vr100 rowing machine at the top of your shopping list…

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