The Bowflex Ultimate 2 is the most advanced and feature packed Power Rod home gym that Bowflex do. It combines all the previous models features and designs and more. It has the most amount of exercises available, the highest resistance and even a cardio workout with the included rowing machine. Plus there’s more:


  • Sturdy and built to last with a user capacity of 300 lbs
  • Over 95 gym quality exercises working muscles from multiple angles for maximum results
  • Highest possible resistance of 310 lbs upgradeable to 410 lbs
  • Quality durable materials and construction with the longest warranty

Bowflex Ultimate 2 Home Gym review

The Ultimate 2 uses Bowflex Power Rod technology to deliver resistance during your workouts. These react exactly the same as weights do so the maximum 310 lbs resistance feels like 310 lbs. The technology does this by delivering tension which is a lot safer than a heavy weight that can easily be dropped on the floor or body part. The results you can obtain with this gym are the same if not better than other gym.

The 95+ exercises available is enormous and what’s great is these exercises are easily accessible especially with the no cable change pulley system allowing you to easily transfer between exercises with no hassle. 95 exercises also means you can target muscles very closely from different directions so you can concentrate on a particular area of the body that needs improving. Whether it’s a resisted crunch for the abs or a part of the chest that could use a decline fly, you can do it here.

Should you need any further ideas to help achieve the body you’re after there’s a DVD, workout poster and trainers manual included. All of these combined shows every exercise the gym can do so if there’s any way of targeting a muscle group in a particular way then this will tell you. You may even find exercises you hadn’t thought of that you could use in your routine. It’s a vital little tool to help you get the most from your gym.

As you can see by the specifications all the attachments you need are included with the Ultimate 2 as it’s the most advanced Power Rod gym that Bowflex do. Unlike the others there is an aerobic rowing machine built in so if you need a quick warm down or someone else in the home fancies an aerobic workout then that option is here for you.

Bowflex are so confident about this gym they guarantee you’ll see workout/fitness results within 6 weeks. If you’re not happy then return it for a refund. We also like that their confident about the build quality too because they offer a lifetime warranty on the Power Rods and 12 years on other parts. We like the Bowflex Ultimate 2 and we’re confident you will too. It’s one of their best sellers and for good reason.

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