Well this is a VERY important topic we have here!  NEWSWORTHY!  All laughing aside Burger King is trying to go after a chunk (pun intended) of the Chicken Nugget fans and we decided that it was indeed time to find out which one is better.

First a little full disclosure.  I have worked at BOTH McDonald’s and Burger King when I was a kid.  (What kid hasn’t?).

The test was conducted the old fashioned way; we bought 20 piece versions of both. Despite a McDonald’s commercial stating that 20 piece chicken nuggets were back to 4.99 apparently it was a short lived sale as we were charged almost six bucks. So from a price perspective Burger King is the clear winner because their everyday price is 4.99.

Now to the real question… taste. Dry nugget to Dry nugget McDonald’s is the clear winner. The breading on their nugget is crisper and tastier than that of Burger King’s nugget. While both nuggets have a chicken meat loaf type substance in them the McDonald’s version of chicken meat loaf is moister albeit slightly slimy, but better.

McDonald’s is probably aware they have a better product which is why they had a brief sale, there is no threat. McDonald’s BBQ sauce is much better as well. That is the verdict.

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