Capella Flavor Drops from (You guessed it) were recently tested out to see what all the hub but was… One of our interns thought it would be cool to bring in  small bottle which was immediately consumed and returned to her empty.  I felt bad for the intern because… well… they don’t really get paid (just a small stipend to cover traveling expenses and lunch).  I had to do something about it… so we called up the folks at Capella and got a whole gaggle of their flavors.

So the way it works is they come in little bottles.  The bottles last quite awhile (unless you have a dozen people hitting them a couple of times an hour).  You can take just about any drink and flavor it with these flavorings.  You put about a drop per ounce in the beverage, stir and you are good to go.  I found that I like about half that much in my coffee.  You can use the flavors in smoothies, milk shakes, mixed drinks, whatever you want… I like mine in coffee :)  Capella definitely has the goods, the price is pretty reasonable, and I heard from some pretty reliable people that a lot of folks are using these drops in their e-cig liquid too!

We got to check out a number of flavors from hazelnut to chocolate glazed doughnut.  They are all very tasty and don’t give off a weird after taste which was a pretty big factor and why we thought the Capella Flavor drops were worth writing about.  It’s hard to find good flavor drops that add good flavor without an after taste.  I love to mix the flavor drops with a good cup of coffee fool coffee.  I know I’m throwing a lot of brands out here, but this is what we use here in the office and I think they are so good I really want to share this information with you.

All in all I give Capella Flavor Drops 10 big stars out of 10.  They are absolutely great!

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