The new Casio G-Shock Gulfman is an interesting new addition to Casio’s G-Shock line. It has the same set of features as all the G-Shocks I review:

* Atomic calibration.
* Solar powered.
* 200 meter water resistant (about 650 feet).
* Automatic calendar.
* Electroluminescent backlight.
* 48-city world time.
* 5 daily alarms, 1 snooze.
* 60 minute countdown timer.
* Stopwatch.

However, it also has a couple of new tricks:

* Multi-band atomic. That means it can calibrate in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan (most previous G-Shock models only calibrate in the US and Japan).
* Titanium case and caseback. Most G-Shocks use stainless steel, so the GW-9100 is slightly lighter, and slightly more corrosion resistant.

I like the new features of the GW-9100, and I also just really like the look. I like the texture of the titanium case, and the nice large LCD. It also has extra large buttons which makes it easier to operate than most G-Shocks.

If you’re already happy with your solar atomic G-Shock, I don’t think the new Gulfman represents such a big improvement that you need to rush out and buy it right away. But if you’re thinking of getting into the G-Shock game, the GW-9100 is a very good place to start. It certainly makes a fine addition to my G-Shock collection.

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