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Jun 4, 2014 1

Spree Sports Headband Review

Spree Sports Headband I’m sure by now you have at least heard about the new Spree Sports Headband.  It is one of a gaggle of new products released in the last few years that have some fairly impressive fitness applications.  They usually interface with your smart phone and give you ...

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ATT Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Review GT-N5120

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Review AT&T released their version June 21st, 2013.  As per the norm around here we actually use things for several months before we write a full review.  (Shrugs) We don’t like to give you initial impressions because they change frequently and by then you might have ...

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Customized AT&T Motorola X Review

AT&T Motorola X Review –  Rambling Like a Loon I got my customization code the day the Motorola X came out.  The idea that I could put together my own color scheme to do a Reviewboard Magazine phone was pretty appealing.  We do a lot of cell phone reviews and some of the ...

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Tinke from Zensorium Review

hen I hear the word tinke I immediately think of Peter Pan.  tinke is not a Peter Pan subject though it is a small square-ish box with two sensors on it.  It plugs into your iPhone and it tells you all kinds of good stuff about your health.  On the ...

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Bungee Virtual Lost and Found Review

ungee tags are pretty neat.  They started out as a crowdfunding campaign (that was successful) and now they have a website, a real product, and you can order it.  What makes this idea really neat is two things.  1) It’s about as simple as simple gets.  2) It relies on ...

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