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Jun 4, 2014 1

Spree Sports Headband Review

Spree Sports Headband I’m sure by now you have at least heard about the new Spree Sports Headband.  It is one of a gaggle of new products released in the last few years that have some fairly impressive fitness applications.  They usually interface with your smart phone and give you ...

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Aark Collective Iconic Graphite Chronograph Review

The Aark Collective Iconic Graphite Chronograph Review The Aark Collective Iconic Graphite Chronograph is absolutely stunning. The design is sleek, minimalist and classic all the while maintaining a uber modern trendy look.  It has a 1:10 chronograph Japanese Quartz movement.  The case is made out of 316L Aircraft-grade stainless steel ...

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Oct 18, 2013 0

18kt Red Gold Breitling for Bentley B04 Chronograph Review

Breitling has been around since 1884.  A company that makes some pretty impressive chronographs using some of the nicest materials on Earth.  Bentley, the car manufacturer got together with Breitling to have them manufacture a gorgeous watch called the B04 GMT Chronograph.  It comes in a wide variety of options, but the Breitling chronograph we have is made out of 18 karat Red ...

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Pickwick and Weller Smart Shirts Review

ickwick & Weller are a company that make what is called smart tees.  Their whole shtick is that they make t-shirts for the modern professional.  The work place is changing, people are casual and creative now and they need a t-shirt that is a ‘cut above’ the rest.  They focus ...

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Gallo En Fuego Fire Hose Wallet

he Gallo En Fuego Company has a really neat idea… they take decommissioned fire hoses and recycle them to make some very useful products that are manly, and well designed.  The Fire Hose Wallet is the first of three reviews we are doing on the Gallo En Fuego product line ...

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Signature Universal Watch by EVR1 Review

he EVR1 Signature Universal Watch. EVR1 is a really neat company.  Every one of their products has a micro sdhc storage chip that contains the EVR1 Canon (a.k.a. Ultimate Codex of Wisdom).  Seriously the “EVR1 Canon” according to EVR1 is a “Curated selection of humanity’s greatest written works, spanning cultrure, ...

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