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  • Motorola Talkabout 2-Way Radios Model MT350R Review

    Agreat idea for the 2013 Father’s Day Gift List is some cool walkie talkie’s.  Motorola makes some...

  • TP-Link Wireless Pan-Tilt Surveillance Camera Model TL-SC4171G Review

      The TP-Link Wireless Pan/Tilt Surveillance Camera is a pretty ambitious little security camera.  So let’s go...

  • Motion Activated Wireless LED Porch Light – Hammacher Schlemmer Catalog

    If you are like me you love paging through catalogs for new and interesting gadgets to buy! ...

  • Home Surveillance System Software

    Looking for a quality surveillance system? Many modern surveillance systems are PC-based- that is, instead of a complex system of cameras and monitors, they use a digital camera and your computer to capture and view images. The advantage of a PC- based surveillance system is that not only can you do a...

  • Video Door Phones

    The number one entry point for burglars is your front door. A solid door and failproof locks won’t help if you open the door for the person you thought was a friend, a neighbor in distress, the delivery person, mail carrier, or police. Video door phones allow you not only to see...

  • Barbed Wire Fencing

    Barbed wire fences typically serve as containment implements to prevent livestock from escaping. They are rarely used for residential purposes, except in the most dangerous of neighborhoods. However, due to their simple construction, they are usually inexpensive to implement and are thus well suited to agricultural uses where aesthetics are not paramount....

  • GE Simon XT Wireless Alarm Review

    GE Simon XT Wireless Alarm Review The GE Simon XT Wireless alarm is what is commonly called an “all-in-one” Home Security System. It allows you to protect up to forty different zones, meaning you can use up to forty different wireless transmitters, including a wide selection of Door and Windows transmitters from...