The kitchen can be a blur. One moment, vegetables are being prepped, and then–seemingly all of a sudden–a complete meal is finished, ready to be enjoyed. While it can seem like a breeze working from point A to point Z, if there’s any hiccup along the chain of events, the whole meal can derail. Speeding along at lightening fast speeds only works if the process works. But life in the kitchen mirrors regular life and sometimes you just got to make something work on the fly.

The Kuhn Rikon Swiss Chop Chop (so convenient it’s named twice) is an easy way to chop ingredients without wasting a lot of time on the process. Perfect for small batches or for on-the-go prepping (a handy lid is included for the chopping container), the portable chopper is capable of a variety of tasks. Ingredients are simply placed in the chopping vessel, keeping mess to a minimum while simultaneously maximizing use of ingredients.

With its pull-string operation, the mini-chopper supplies the convenience so desired in the kitchen. Whether it be for a simple garnish, or for a sauce, condiment or dressing, every meal can benefit from the ease of use present in such a handy kitchen gadget. Measuring little larger than a 5-inch cube, the Chop Chop will always be within reach at any moment during meal preparation, keeping the meal moving without missing a beat.

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