Citizen’s Men Eco-Drive Perpetual Calender Chronograph Watch oozes cool. This is the band you imagine James Bond wearing when grabbing groceries, or what any 21st century man should look for. Combining classic elements of design with modern technology Citizen has managed to make a timeless blend of rugged elegance that meets its pinnacle with the Eco-Drive.

The shining feature of the Eco-Drive is the power cell in the watch. This cell uses any sort of light to maintain a powerful charge, completely removing the need for a battery. Something that is unheard of in a watch of this design and quality. The calender needs to be set only once and will recognize leap years, and also a dual time zone feature can be easily set.

The watch has a standard, rotating bezel, leather strap, alarm functions, 24-hour, and 1/20th second subdials, and Tachymeter inner chapter ring. The Eco-Drive is also water resistant to 660 feet or 200 M. The face of the watch is advertised as “dark blue” but unless in direct sunlight it looks black, this is not a complaint but a warning. The only drawback to the Eco-Drive we found was an overall quiet alarm, more a warning sound than anything to actually wake you up.

The Eco-Drive Perpetual Calender Chronograph Watch exudes style, and will be sure to pull many a comment on its crisp, classy design. Cheaper than most watches of its design and far exceeding their calibur the Eco-Drive retails around $300.

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