We have been drinking Coffee Fool Coffee for almost a year now and have had the opportunity to sample MANY of their great coffee beans.  One of the perks of ordering from their website is their Valet service.  You just tell them what type of coffee you want, how much and what frequency and they will automatically send you a package every month, week, whatever.  You can take it a step further and e-mail them with requests like “Send me 4 bags of Espresso and 2 bags of random flavored coffees” every month for a little adventure (which is what we do).

I’d like to talk about the flavored coffee for a minute because Coffee Fool departs from the ‘norm’ here.  Most places take really inferior beans and dunk them in flavor that covers up the taste of the aweful coffee.  The result is you have  an OK, which I think is why flavored coffee doesn’t FLY of the shelves at grocery store.  I mean… add 6 month to a year of sitting around the shelf and you have some pretty aweful flavors right?  Well with Coffee Fool it is a lot different.  They order their beans every month, roast them all and sell them.  So your Coffee is ALWAYS fresh, but here is the best part… their FLAVORED coffee is from the same beans they use for their regular coffee.  They aren’t sub-par, nasty, left over split beans.  That makes a huge difference.  HUGE.

Since I started drinking Coffee Fool coffee I have really been able to develop a proper palet for good coffee.  In fact, I have gone from drinking coffee with cream and sugar to taking it black.  When I go to resturaunts, coffee shops, and other people’s houses I find that I am often comparing the coffee with mine at my house and 90% of the time my Coffee Fool coffee is WAY better.  It is actually a bit of a drag because I find myself looking for other outlets (like Hot Chocolate, or Tea) when I’m out to keep from being disappointed by terrible coffee.  I can’t wait to get home and have a cup of Coffee Fool.

I know this sounds like I’m a Coffee Fool fanboy and this is a commercial lol.  It’s true though. I am a fanboy of Coffee Fool Coffee and while this isn’t a commercial I can honestly say I have 6 bags of Coffee Fool Coffee delivered to my door each and every month and at the end of the month when we are getting low on coffee I am always anxious to see what will be in the box.  This month it was Coconut Dreams and Chocolate Covered Cherry.   What flavors do you like? Go ahead and comment and I’ll send one of you a bag of your favorite coffee randomly.

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