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Compaq CQ2009F Desktop PC may seem bare bones to some people, because it is essentially the least that can be assembled and still called a computer in 2009. This is a moot point, it wasn’t manufactured to be a beastly gaming PC, or a high end performance machine in any fashion. The goal was simple: create an affordable, functioning desktop.

The Compaq CQ2009F is a desktop PC with 1.60GHz Intel Atom Processor 230 with 512KB L2 cache and 1GB of SDRAM. While many of computer buffs may scoff at this, you’re still able to run old school games, (Diable II parties anyone?) and perform many functions. The Intel graphics media accelerator 950 with 64MB dedicated graphics memory is perfet for a starter PC, or an extension to an existing home network.

The PC runs Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition without a snag, and also has a SuperMulti DVD Burner. The price is right at $350, and has quite a number of possibilities as a starter PC, or a PC for the kids to surf the web.

The Compaq CQ2009F might not get you any notable comments, and sure no one will be envying your machine but atleast you’ve got one.

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