The newest Concept II rowing machine is the version (D) as in dog and hails from Vermont, right here in the good old USA.

The Concept 2 rowing machine has been a best seller in the hardcore rowing crowd for years, but hasn’t made many inroads into the mainstream American fitness market due to its’ higher price and pro level features that aren’t appreciated by the casual rower.

Concept II Rowing Machine Key Features and Benefits

redesigned flywheel which is quieter and has a broader range of resistance
ergonomically designed handle to better simulate the arm position of on-water rowing
pace boat, force curve and power plot performance monitor

The Concept II rower is a really nice machine that has some unique features that will help your rowing training like no other rowing machine on the market…

For starters, the Concept2 can be linked together with other rowers to simulate rowing as a team, and it also captures the rhythm and feel of rowing on the water by using a carefully balanced and calibrated flywheel.

Then there’s the huge 500 pound user weight limit that speaks highly of the frame build quality which comes with a 5 year warranty.

To top it off, there is a great Concept 2 rowing forum that has tons of activity from casual users all the way up to people training for serious competition.

You could spend a lot more for a rowing machine with some fancy marketing behind it than you will on the Concept 2 D, but I don’t know why you would – it delivers price and performance that is unmatched on the market today.

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