Compact countertop ovens generally do a great job of cooking a variety of items. Their ability to reheat leftover pizza is reason enough to warrant their purchase. However, they don’t stop at toasting bread or crisping up a slice; nowadays their utility extends to all manner of baking. From cookies to main entrees, the remarkable countertop appliances can cook practically whatever one desires; they really are little secondary ovens. And sometimes, they are also good at just keeping things warm.

With an operating temperature range from 50 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the Dualit Compact Convection Oven is versatile enough to rival the big oven. When set to the lower temperature, the oven works as a plate-warmer, a unique feature that extends usability of the device. The oven delivers on the other end of the spectrum too; with four elements and an interior fan for efficient and consistent heating throughout, the 1,500-watt appliance is made for baking.

User-friendly features and a classic design round out this compact oven. Three easy-to-use dial controls provide automatic functions and temperature control. A choice of four cooking methods (bake, convection-bake, broil, or defrost) provides a range of options, while the 120-minute timer allows for uninterrupted hands-free baking. Housed in a classically styled stainless-steel and cast-aluminum body, the countertop oven is designed to be a workhorse of the kitchen.

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