Cutter Advanced has a 7 percent concentration of picaridin, a synthetic ingredient that is said to be comparable to DEET in effectiveness but is considered safer to use. Reviews say that Cutter Advanced protects for up to 2.5 hours and may be applied up to three times a day. It is odorless and non-sticky once applied. The biggest drawback to this, or any picaridin-based product, is that it is not as consistently effective as products that contain DEET. DEET-based 3M Ultrathon (*est. $8.50 for 2 oz.) is effective for up to five hours. Repellents containing DEET, however, are not recommended for young children. *(The Am. Academy of Pediatrics, in 2003 amended its recommendations – it now suggests that infants as young as two months of age can use DEET-based repellents in concentrations up to 30%, Judi Anderson from Kroeger PR who represents “The DEET education program” emailed in… ); repellents containing picaridin can be used on babies as young as 2 months. It’s worth noting that eye irritation has been reported by some users of Cutter Advanced.

So that’s what is supposed to happen.  Our findings were different.  We put the stuff on and got chewed to pieces.  This stuff isn’t worth much to us, and we’d rather have something with 100% deet.  DEET might make your lip numb if you get some on it, and it might be terrible for you, but you don’t get chewed to death.  It’s odd, you can go “healthy” with the repellent (if there really is such a thing) and get EEE or West Nile from a bite, or you can go with a good repellent and possibly get cancer.  LOL We live in an odd world :)

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