The collabo between DC and SE PK Ripper might be heading towards dynasty status. Last year’s model was the eye-catching lightning blue/white fixie frame and that has manifested itself into the 2010 eye-popping orange/white frame.

This fixed gear comes with an impressive array of noteworthy parts, almost a list of what’s what in the cycling industry. Boasting a compacted frame geometry, 6061 Floval Tubing, Looptail Rear End, and Retro Dropouts. In place of the riser bars, the classic mini BMX bars are utilized for a subtle difference to separate you from the pack of brake-less cyclists.

The SE Super Classic with Bottle Opener seat cushioned our main cushioning very well, the ride was so deliciously smooth it was distracting, as the low hum of the chain maintained our rider’s attention like some sort of lifeless hypnotist.

The DC x SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear bike is another solid step for SE Bikes to cement themselves in the minds of today’s cycling youth. Managing to combine functionality with style is a difficult task and SE Bikes seems to be handling the challenge with ease.

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