So you have likely seen the commercials on television about the new skillet cookie at Denny’s. Our Review Crew stopped by a local Aurora, IL shop for a few of their selections and we have to say it was all disappointment!

We ordered Turtle Cheesecake… instead of the traditional pecan meats that resemble the shell of a turtle they used peanuts. Not only is this borderline false advertising as it is not a turtle anything, peanuts are a big allergy alert for a lot of customers. So the idea that they would order a turtle sunday knowing pecans are in it and get something with peanuts is a bit scary.

Then we get to the french silk pie that we also ordered. Aside from being frozen and tasting slightly of freezer burn it had potential. I think the issue was poor quality control more than a bad national product. Fair is fair.

Unfortunately I can not say the same for the Denny’s Skillet Cookie. The skillet was cold although it had an oven mitt. The cookie was also cold and tasted terrible. In fact the only thing good about it was the vanilla ice cream.

This experience was probably the worst desert experience we have had in five years. So caution to those of you ordering at Denny’s most of their food is great but don’t be afraid to speak up! On a side note the service was great an the manager on duty did appologize and took the price of the cookie, the pie and the cheesecake off our bill.


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