Driver: San Francisco – Disappointment.

Driver’s graphics are really kind of sub-par.  For a game released only a few months ago (end of August), it is just disappointing.  Cranked all the way up the graphics aren’t better than something you would see on an average xbox 360.  In addition the game play is awful.  Seriously, the drive handling is poor, the jump system (for moving from body to body) is poorly designed and clumsy.  The string along game play is intrusive and gets annoying very quickly.

There is very little reason to purchase this game, it just falls short on almost every mark.

Driver takes place about six months after the events of Driv3r 1.  Your main characters survive the shootout in Istanbul.  Jericho escapes in round 2 (San Francisco) and you get into a bad car accident that puts you into a coma.

While you are in the coma you dream and you discover that you can “jump” or “Shift” (as they call it) into other people’s bodies.

The plot is interesting for about 10 minutes and then the implementation of the plot becomes rapidly annoying.

This game is available on several platforms PC, Xbox 360, Wii, etc…

Other publications have made much out of this title.  I’m sorry I can’t agree at all.

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